6 Freaky Ingredients Found in McDonald’s Food that Will Make You SICK

McDonald’s hamburgers, kids menus, cheeseburgers or Big Mac are culinary delights for millions of people around the world, but if only you knew what they are made of?

Here exclusively we reveal the 6 shocking truths about McDonald’s that will make you immediately decide to no longer taste this American poison:

McDonald’s uses ammonium sulphate

Used in the composition of several menus of McDonald’s, it is good to know that ammonium sulphate is a toxic insecticide whose efficiency is unmatched in the fields but is poison if added to our food.

Silicone oil

This oil is used primarily in the manufacture of lenses and other medical tools used by laboratories. It is also found in the McNuggets!

Propylene Glycol

What do you think about a chemical element that makes up antifreeze and electronic cigarettes in McDonald’s menus?

Medication also!

According to John Hopkins University, antidepressants and prescription drugs serve as food for chickens used in McDonald’s meat.

Carminic acid

This dye is secreted by insects and used by this chain of restaurants to color the meat in red.

Silicone dioxide

It’s an industrial sand that prevents food from sticking together and it is found in McDonald’s fries!

Finally, do these truths still make you want to eat McDonalds? Not me!

Source: healthyfoodhouse.com