6 Reasons to Stop Eating Corn Right Away!

Corn is probably the most favorite food of many people around the world as a result of which it is the most produced food on the planet. This food is combined with many other foods such as  French fries, chicken nuggets, salad dressings, peanut butter, baked cookies, catsup, yogurt, mayo, pudding, fruit juices, sodas, and in some diet sodas as well, and in many other foods.

However, not everyone is aware of the fact that intake of large amounts of corn can lead to negative effects on the human health. As per numerous studies corn has in its content the worst omega-3 and omega-6 ratio of all grains.

As you may know, omega-3 fatty acids aid in the production of the hormones that show anti-inflammatory properties, and the omega-6 fatty acids assist in the production of the hormones that incite the inflammation. So, if the amount of omega-6 exceeds the quantity of omega-3, then our body will lose control over the inflammatory response which eventually will lead to the occurrence of asthma, diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, anxiety and also increase in the levels of cholesterol.

6 Reasons Why Not to Eat Corn

The first reason – the corn contains a protein which in effect is similar to the effects of gluten meaning it can confuse the immune system. This will make problems with the function of the digestive system, and it can elevate the risk of inflammation due to which corn shows high glycemic index.

The second reason – the corn has in its content fiber cellulose because of which our body has problems with the absorption of corn. Our body cannot fully absorb cellulose, and this is inning as per medical experts. Corn like other grains contains prolamins, a protein class that the body has issues in absorbing it properly, which can lead to conditions like leaky gut.

The third reason – corn it is not a healthy grain as per numerous laboratory tests, the nutritional value of the sugars and starch in corn is almost zero. This grain comes from a plant that has been first genetically modified and because of that this is the primary reason why you should stop eating corn.

The fourth reason –it contains proteins known as lectins which the body converts into amino acids so that it can absorb them. Therefore, when the breaking down of the grain occurs, conditions like inflammation and irritation of the gut can be triggered.

The fifth reason – according to a study released in the International Journal of Biological Sciences, 85% of the corn produced in America is genetically modified.

The sixth reason – it contains BT – Bacillus thuringiensis, which is a bacterium used as a pesticide. Furthermore, corn has in its content other harmful components that are naturally organic. Likewise, it contains plenty of pesticides which can trigger severe health issues making your life more difficult.