6 Signs Revealing Appearance of a Cancer of the Anus!

Cancer of the anus is, unfortunately, a taboo subject. The people most exposed to this type of cancer are adults over the age of 60, although this cancer can affect everyone.

While it continues to wreak havoc, specialized institutes do not take care of telling us about this type of cancer on the rectum.

There are two types of cancer on the rectum: anal cancer and colorectal cancer

Cancer of the anus attacks the whole area of the rectum while colorectal cancer attacks only the opening of the rectum.

Even if this one remains little known, it does not make it less serious, so it is important to be able to detect the signs of a probable rectum cancer in order to be able to treat it quickly. The most common symptoms of anal or colorectal cancer are an itching in the anus, pain, strange defecation, and bleeding, strange discharges from the anus, a softer or harder anus.

It is therefore important to go to your doctor if you notice an abnormality. Screening for this cancer can be done through several methods.

Rectal examination

Even if it discourages us, a rectal examination it is necessary in order to check if there is an abnormality. Of course your doctor will take care of that.


It is done by using a tubular instrument that your doctor will examine the inside of your anus. This is usually done when the doctor has found an abnormality before. This examination will allow the doctor to have a clearer vision if you are a victim of a disorder.

It is also possible to take x-ray examination such as MRI or biopsy.

If you feel an anomaly in your anus, do not keep it for you, there is no shame, quickly go and see a doctor.