60 Minutes on This Bicycle Can Power Your Home for Twenty-Four Hours

Can you imagine working out and thus contributing to the reduction of household costs? Well, this can be achieved and all thanks to the magnificent idea of Manoj Bhargava who created the Free Electric hybrid bike.

Thanks to this invention you can have the figure that you have always wanted to have and meanwhile save on electricity. For the creation of this device Manoj Bhargava used mechanical energy which does not involve any complex technique. The mechanism of the bike is rather simple, the flywheel is being activated when pedaling, and this powers the generator and charges a battery. So, this is probably the simplest way to transform an hour of exercise into supplying a rural household with energy for 24 hours.

Here it is what Bicycling states about this device:

The Free Electric is made with standard bike parts, which makes it easily fixable by any mechanic around the world. The bike is cheap, clean, and practical in terms of providing energy to those who need it most on a global scale.

Bhargava adds:

Our target is to begin with India, but really it can be used anywhere. There are 1.3 billion people around the world who are still living without access to electricity.”

In addition to this he states that this device creates “better health, more leisure time, better access to education, and opportunities for entrepreneurship—it could literally change the world.”

There is nothing better when with one thing you are actually making two things and in this case it is a win-win situation, great figure and free electricity for a whole day.

Check the video below and see for yourself how the Free Electric hybrid bike runs: