65 Breathtaking Pictures of Maine Coons, the Largest Cats in the World

You are a cat fan, then it is most likely that you have heard or seen a Maine Coon cat breed. This breed resembles the miniature figure of a lion and by keeping it in your home you will feel like taking care of a lion. They are large in size and because of that widely liked all over the world. These regal and majestic cats are really something special to have in your home. They are the largest domesticated cat breed in the world.

The Gentle Giant – Maine Coon

In appearance Maine Coons are something between a cat and a lynx having ear tufts and fluffy puffs being also endowed with incredible personalities. Nonetheless, aside their large size they reveal gentle personality, high intelligence with “dog-like” properties and are very playful animals.

Robert Sijka captures this type a cat at its utmost appearance due to its incredible love towards cats and photography. This photographer is a specialist in cat photography showing with ease the beauty and uniqueness of Maine Coon.

How he fell in love with Maine Coon?

He moved to China with his family 14 years ago, and they missed having animals in this huge country. So, they started to take care of a Maine Coon that they both adored it. His wife Izabella started a breeding program 8 years ago, and when the first litter of kittens was born, the pictures started to pile up. He literally spent many hours with these cats so that he could capture the perfect moment and thus took several thousands of photos. He created his current style of photography through which he shows different expressions and emotions flowing from the cat’s eyes.

He really likes his work and takes great pleasure in working with these cats. He is patient with them and plays with them so that he could have that perfect picture.

When taking pictures of the cats he uses a simple background and light setting in order to display the true expression of the cat eyes. While doing this he follows Albert Einstein’s maxim:

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

The work of this photographer can be seen in his online shop, the Felis Gallery. By looking at these photos you will perceive all the beauty of this adorable animal and the reason why people so easily fell in love in it.