7 Cancer-Causing Foods You Should NEVER Eat!

  1. Beef Jerky

Cancer-Causing Agent: Beef jerky contains nitrites which are directly linked to cancer development, and are used because they provide the jerky its color and keeps it fresh for months.

These compounds are traced also in many other foods, but beef jerky contains the highest quantities of them, to be more specific a lot more of them per ounce than many other foods. Therefore, you have to make your own beef jerky by using organic compounds like grass-fed ground beef. Rolled it out thin using a rolling pin, and bake it in an oven for hours at the lowest temperature.

  1. Canned Foods

Cancer-Causing Agent: Bisphenol-A.

However, it is still not confirmed whether BPAs traced in canned foods can lead to cancer and if these compounds can be transferred to the food that the cans contain. Nevertheless, be careful when buying these types of foods. The best solution is to go for fresh or frozen food, or just purchase canned food BPA-free.

  1. Cola

Cancer-Causing Agent: 4-MI (4-methylimidazole) directly linked to cancer development in many cases of cancer patients.

The brown color of cola is due to High Fructose Corn Syrup. This chemical has proven to feed the cancer cells in the body.

  1. Diet Foods

Cancer-Causing Agent: Aspartame is the most frequently used sweetening agent especially in diet foods and it has been linked to cancer development for several years. However, FDA states that there isn’t sufficient evidence to support this theory.

Most of the diet foods and beverages that contain this sweetening agent can cause great damage to the body and lead to cancer diseases.

  1. Fried Snacks

Cancer-Causing Agent: Glycidamide, a metabolic product of Acrylamide, which is produced from frying foods at high temperatures. This chemical is extremely carcinogenic.

Fried snacks are the most desirous food especially for children, but they are very harmful for the health as they are carcinogenic. They are deep fried, just like French fries, so that the crispiness is offered to the customers. However, during the process of frying there is a development of cancer-causing substances which afterwards are consumed from the fried foods.

  1. GMO Foods

Cancer-Causing Agent: herbicides and pesticides.

Every GMO food has in its content herbicides and pesticides which have been proven to incite cancer development and further progress of numerous other diseases. Unfortunately, these toxic substances cannot be washed off before you start to consume them. Therefore, try to consume 100% organic foods, or food with an applied seal of “Non-GMO Project Verified”, only in that way you will be sure that you consume food that is GMO free.

  1. Microwave Popcorn

Cancer-Causing Agent: Perfluorooctanoic acid occurs during microwave process from substances covering the inside of the bags.

Whenever there is nice movie popcorns are accompanied food while watching it. Even though it is easier to make pop corns in the microwave, the healthiest way is to make your own popcorn in your home in ghee or coconut oil. In this way, popcorns are turn into healthy snacks provided that you use natural popcorn kernels. Likewise, try not to buy popcorn at the movie theaters as they contain buttering agent which may form cancer cells.