7 Exercises That Train Your Brain to Stay Positive

Life can be very tough, but you can learn how to remain positive and still be the daily positive thinker. There is a way how to train your brain to stay positive and thus conquer all life’s distractions and challenges, negative people, and other external “brain drainers”.

7 Tips How to Train Your Brain to Stay Positive

  1. Subconscious re-training and inner healing work

In order to remain positive we need to let go the past negative experiences trapped inside our mind so that we become positive on the outside. There are exercises such as tapping, mirror work, affirmations, and NLP which can greatly assist in that. You need to start to uncover all negative experiences starting from childhood, discovering the traumatic experience or in adult life experiencing a bad relationship. In that way you can heal the original wound and positively move on in life. Once the affected area is overwhelmed with love and positive attitude, the emotional wound can be healed and the fear released.

  1. Daily Gratitude

Gratitude is very important and acknowledging it on daily basis will bring you positive notions and feelings. Therefore, always have at hand a notebook, a journal, or simply your phone near your bed, so when you get up in the morning write down three things of which you are grateful that day.  Make it a habit, and you do not to have to think hard about what are you grateful for that day, it can be simple basic things like the morning sunrise, a good night sleep or something from work and family. If you focus only on the good things you are grateful each day these things will multiply day by day.   Perhaps in the beginning you will find it difficult to think about something positive, but one thing for sure you have to be grateful for every day and that is that you woke up safe and sound that day as not everyone has that chance.

  1. Sleep, Eat, and Drink Well

What we eat, drink and sleep very much affects the way h0w our life is going to be, our health, mood and mental health. This is a common truth existing for years which will always apply. According to a conducted study lack of vitamins can cause decline in mental health thereby leading to anxiety, depression, stress, addictions and other psychological disorders.

Likewise, sleep shortage can cause great change in mood making persons deprived of proper sleep hostile, angry and extremely irritable. Therefore, try to improve your sleep and eliminate all those bad sleeping habits like staying out all night or sitting in front of a computer. Good sleep will offer you freshness for the upcoming day, you will feel happier and be friendlier to the people around you, which will bring you only good.

For that reason, consume whole foods, drink lots of water, and sleep good 8 hours or more so that you brain stays positive always.

  1. Stay Centered

If you remain focused and centered during the day it will help you to stay away from negative energy, which if you let it to overflow you, your confidence and positive attitude will be gone in a second. There are many methods that can help you to stay calm and find that always wanted balance such as meditation, yoga, deep breathing, or simple walk in nature, in fact any activity that helps you to calm your mind.  Once the mind is calmed down, the soul shows its positive side it becomes unbreakable thanks to the calming energy produced from a good centering exercise.

  1. Stay Active

Stay active during the whole day, stay focused on completing your daily schedule and in that way the negative energy cannot do you any harm. There is an old saying “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop” which is so true as if you have nothing to do for the day the negative energy will completely destroy everything good in your life. You may wonder even if I do everything right what to do with the external negative shocks from other people or from the negative experiences?”

In life there are always things which might occur no matter how hard you are trying to fulfill your tasks. But, this does not mean that you should succumb to these notions, always remain centered on positively completing your day, and the results will be inevitable.

  1. Help others

Positivity is highly needed and to get it all the way you can also focus on helping other people to remain positive during the whole day. So, when people around you are down instead of avoiding them so that you can keep your mind at ease, you should spread your positive energy to them. This positivity will come back at you double or triple because knowing the fact that you have done something positive in your surrounding will bring your mind at ease. So, brighten the day also to other people because this energy will come to you as well.

  1. Follow your passion

You will stay positive if you do what you like and love. This could be your job or it could be some hobby which brings you joy. On the other hand, if your job or hobby does not fulfill you and brings to you negative notions like feeling guilty it will take you further away from where you want to be in life, and that is a clear sign that you need to do something about it.

Therefore, write down three things that you love to do along with the three positive changes that you love to see in the world. See how these three things can be implemented into your daily life. You need to be in touch with your soul because this will provide you with the positive energy highly needed for the body and mind.

Use these 7 exercises to train your brain to remain positive during the day and to resist any challenge that comes into life.