7 Pesticide-Filled Teas You Should Throw Away

Tea is a favorite beverage for many people, and as well as ideal healthy substitute to coffee. But, according to a recent research it was discovered that most of the conventional tea brands showed high level of toxicity including fluoride and pesticides thus making them unsafe for consumption.

So, whenever you are purchasing tea go for the available healthy brands, do not choose the cheap ones. In most cases, tea is not washed prior packing into bags which means that if it was treated with pesticides which is most likely they will end up into your cup of tea.

Furthermore, researchers discovered that many non-organic tea brands have in their content pesticides which are well-known carcinogens. In their ingredient list their common names are “natural flavors”.

Food Research International released a study which revealed that the wide British population has significantly exceeded the recommended dietary intake for fluoride, which lead to numerous health concerns. It was discovered that as a result of tea consumption the intake of fluoride exceeded its limits. This high fluoride intake leads to bone, kidney, and teeth issues.

Fluoride is present in the soil which tea plants absorb it while growing. Because of that older tea leaves have the highest content of fluoride and are low in antioxidants. On the other hand, cheaper quality tea brands quite often use the older leaves; therefore our bodies have higher content of fluoride.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation tested several popular international tea companies, such as King Cole, Lipton, Tetley, Signal, No Name, Twinnings, and Uncle Lee’s Legends of China, and showed pretty disturbing results.

Researchers have discovered that half of these tea brands contained toxins above the legal limit. Here below are the worst brands with high level of toxicity:

  1. No Name – contains over 10 pesticide types.
  2. King Cole – has in its content monocrotophos which causesirregular heartbeat and coma, and soon will be banned.
  3. Uncle Lee’s Legends of China – contains over 20 types of pesticides, including endosulfan, which can harm the nervous system.

However, this does not mean that they were the only ones packed with toxins; also other tea brands were not entirely safe. As a matter of fact the only tea brand without pesticides was Red Rose.

These disturbing findings are not meant to stop drinking tea, but to be more aware of which brands you are consuming and to turn to white tea made of young leaves which are with lowest content of fluoride.

Drink you tea and gain all its benefits, but always choose organic, loose leaf tea, or brew your own at home.

Do not neglect the ingredient list, check if the tea contains GMO ingredients or added flavors, and in that case do not buy it. When ordering tea in a restaurant pay attention to the brand as most of them serve tea brands rich in pesticides.

Each tea has its own proper brewing time. For instance:

  • Green teas or steep white for 2-3 minutes,
  • Pu-reh teas or Steep black for 3-5 minutes,
  • Herbal teas – at least 5 minutes,
  • Steep oolong teas 4-7 minutes.

These are safe brands of bagged tea that you can drink:

  • Choice Organic Teas
  • EDEN Organic
  • Numi Tea
  • Organic Stash
  • Organic Tazo
  • Organic Traditional Medicinals
  • Rishi Tea
  • Red Rose
  • Two Leaves

Watch the video below and find out crucial facts about various tea brands and their effects on the overall health:

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