7 Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Trying to Contact You

Angels are everywhere around us, they are souls that guide us. Their guidance cannot be the same as one of a human being, but it is reflected in a form of dreams, channeled messages, and directly receiving insight. Their presence is very near us and they can show it by giving us certain signs trying to tell us that they are close. In the beginning these signs are usually small and have no meaning, but as time goes by, they are becoming more frequent and more obvious.

Angels are sending us signs by which they are showing their support and love. In this article we are presenting several common angel signs. You may have noticed them up to now, but you always needed some validation for their existence. They usually occur when you are questioning something or they can just be present only to be with you.

7 Common Angel Signs

  1. Feathers
    One of angels’ signs are feathers on your walking path. These feathers mean that your angels are near you and that they are showing you support and their love. If you have come across with this situation, then your angel is near you guarding you all the way.
  2. Clouds
    Cloud that has the shape of an angel means that your guardian angel is close by, and it uses the cloud to present itself to you.
  3. Scents
    Angels show their presence by leaving a lovely sweet scent which in most cases you are not able to determine it, so this means that your angel is nearby.
  4. Babies and Pets
    Babies and pets can sense the presence of a guardian angel, in those moments they are at great ease. Usually babies are smiling when looking at the ceiling or joyfully gazing into the air.
  5. Music
    Their presence is also revealed by music which is usually a lovely sound which you cannot describe or you can hear angelic singing.
  6. Coins
    Finding a coin is a sign from your guardian angel that is near you and that is showing its support. Therefore, if you find coins, then you have to be aware that you are very much loved, guided and supported.
  7. Sparkles of Light
    Noticing unexplained shimmers of light, flashes of color or seeing orbs are signs of your guardian angel. So, if all these things are happening to you then your angel is near you, therefore close your eyes, relax, and breathe since your angel is offering you encouragement, healing and rejuvenation.