7 Steps to Reverse Diabetes so You Never Have to Take Insulin or Medication Again

The most common type of diabetes that individual have is type-2. The disease is basically the inability of your body to handle glucose.

These are the main causes for diabetes:

In your pancreas it is produced and released the insulin which is important to convert the glucose into energy. The problem with patients with type-2 diabetes is that they still produce insulin but their cells in the body cannot use it properly. This is known as insulin resistance.

The buildup of glucose in your blood happens when your pancreas produces insulin that supposed to get glucose in your cells and it cannot keep up with the intake of glucose.

Since the 80s the number of patients with type-2 diabetes has increased three times. Diabetes disease can affect everyone, no matter of their age (including children). Many researchers and scientist are predicting that by 2040 every third American will deal with this disease.

The biggest portion of our federal debt is due to the Medicare that is going for the diabetics and this number is increasing further.

The term Diabesity is used for couple of health problems such as insulin resistance, obesity and diabetes. It can provoke and develop cardiovascular disease, cancer or premature death. Don’t worry, here are some good news. Each one of these conditions actually can be prevented and even reversed.

Many people still believe that diabetes is non-reversible due to the complications it causes such as kidney failure, dementia, stroke and amputation. It is not true that you cannot manage your diabetes.

Scientists have found that diabetes and obesity can be avoided, prevented and reversed. You only will need a strong healthy diet and healthy lifestyle habits.

The main cause for diabetes is the eating habits. Statistics show that every American consumes 155 pounds of sugar and this is serious problem which makes the situation not good.

Reversing diabetes in obese people can happen in only 14 days by getting gastric bypass. This way they will control the diabetes and will definitely help them to lose weight. It is a fact that food is medicine so eating healthy diet every day will improve your health.

These are the seven ways how to prevent, treat and reverse diabetes:

  1. You should avoid sugar

Sugar and refined carbs will increase the level of insulin which is the main cause for insulin resistance and type-2 diabetes. When your level of insulin is high it will cause inflammation, hypertension, depression and rick of cancer. You should definitely avoid sugar if you want to reduce the risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

  1. Consume healthy and unprocessed food

You should consider consuming whole food since it regulates blood sugar and reduces oxidants and inflammation. Also it is great for your liver because it cleanses and reverses the insulin resistance. You should also consume fresh fruits, vegetables and omega-3 fatty acids.

In your everyday diet you should include olive oil, coconut butter, seeds and nuts. If you are consuming unprocessed food you will increase your metabolism and reverse insulin resistance. Consuming healthy food everyday will also help you prevent cardiac diseases and diabetes.

  1. Nutrients

If you are using supplements your organism metabolizes sugars and fat and this way your cells are becoming sensitive to insulin. You should eat healthy food and combine it with physical activity in order to prevent or even reverse diabetes. This is our suggestion what should be included in your daily diet:

– 10-15gr. PGX (it is good for regulation of blood sugar)

– 1500-2000 IUs vitamin D3

– Multivitamin and mineral supplements

– 2g of omega-3

– 400-600mg alpha lipoic acid

  1. Daily exercises

People tend to think that in order to exercise you need to go to the gym. Actually you only need a 30 minutes brisk walk which will help you regulate your blood sugar and insulin level. Try to bring your heart rate to 70-85% of maximum activity for at least 5 hours a week. Also you should consider high-intensity strength training for at least few minutes per day. Scientists have proven that this way people with diabetes disease will deal better with it.

  1. Have a good night sleep

If you have problems with night sleep or insomnia you should know that it might lead to sugar spikes and cravings. This way you will eat more which is increasing the risk of diabetes. Not sleeping enough at night also is the cause of insulin resistance.

You should have at least eight hours a day. Also do some herbal therapies and relaxation techniques.

  1. Try to control your stress

Insulin level increases with stress. Also stress results with increase of level of cortisol and cytokine in the blood, weight gain, insulin resistance and type-2 diabetes.

You should also try to manage your stress if you want to overcome obesity and diabetes. Try doing some breathing exercises and breathing techniques.

  1. Regular tests

You should do regular tests and tracking of your weight. Try to write a journal and this way you will keep track of everything.


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