7 Things You Should Know About Alcohol

Alcohol is everywhere around us, but only a few are aware of. Of course, we do not have in mind that alcohol in bottles, but one that is produced in our body.

Did you know that all fruits and vegetables contain a lot of alcohol? For fruits is the obvious (do not forget that the tomatoes are considered as fruit because of the fruit acids it contain, for the same reason, watermelon is not considered as the fruit, but rather vegetable, since it does not contain fruit acids). Theoretically one could also get drunk if consumes too much fruit, but certainly cirrhosis, disease of the liver does not effects only alcoholics but also vegetarians.

The most alcoholic drink in the world are consumed by the Russians.

Many people believe that, they feel warmer after drinking alcohol; they actually drink alcohol to get warm, and even increase the body temperature. This of course is not true. Alcohol actually lowers the high temperature. However, if we feel warmer after drinking glass of alcoholic drink, it this is due to psychological effects.

The word vodka in Russian means water and has nothing to do with water. Vodka can be made from rye, corn or potatoes.

Alcohol calories. A glass of wine, for example, has 10 calories, and even more depending on the type of the wine (up to 180), while a can of beer has 400 calories. If you count the quantity or number of drinks you took, you should know that you have accumulated calories equal to a very abundant feast.

Did you know that one bottle of wine is about the same as if you have in your hand about 600 clusters of grapes.

During the time you needed to read this article alcohol killed 10 people in the world. Regrettably, annual balance is 3.3 million deaths due to accidents under the influence of alcohol, which is more than any other disease.