7 Year Old Named ‘Kid of the Year’ After Rescuing More than 1,300 Dogs

We should all show compassion and benevolence when someone is in need and that includes the animal world as well. There are many stray dogs on the street that have ended up there mostly of owners’ negligence. Therefore, we should teach our youth of care and proper manners even when they are really young and that will make them better persons when they grow up.

A remarkable boy, named Roman McConn, has been taught those values and even at 4 years old along with his mother Jennifer, he was rescuing dogs. Namely, for his fourth birthday, instead of presents, he asked his friends and family for donations designated to Texas-based animal rescue.

Now, he is 7 years old and he still continues his mission and up to now he saved over 1,300 unwanted dogs and 40 cats.

Roman chooses the animals that are most vulnerable like the ones enlisted for euthanasia in shelters. He says: “Dogs don’t need to be in a shelter, they need to do things.”

Many people found out about Roman when his mother started to record his plays with the homeless dogs or cats that were later on posted on their Facebook page. This is not for show off, but a way to introduce a particular dog or cat so that it gets easily adopted.

The staff of the shelter says that this boy is unique calling him the “dog whisperer” because before playing with them, he talks to the dogs and thus sees their true personalities.

In addition to all this, he is a volunteer with Project Freedom Ride, a relocation network community founded by his mother, acting as mediators between vulnerable dogs and cats in Texas and Georgia with families in the Pacific Northwest. When a link is established, the adoption process can begin, and then they make thorough checking and after that approve the adoption. The dogs can be adopted directly from Texas, or through some of their receiving partners.

Jennifer explains the setup of their work:

We often are asked if we are a rescue or a transport company and we are actually neither. The only way I can describe Project Freedom Ride is we are a “community.” We have grown very organically which is what we love. We believe people recognize the love, compassion, and hard work of our “group” and want to get behind our cause.”

This loving child has done so much for these unwanted animals and his happiness is enormous when some of them are being adopted. His mother says that whenever he finds out that one of these animals was adopted “he lights up like a Christmas tree. “

Roman’s actions warmed the hearts of million people all around the word, but here it is how Roman sees on his work: “I think it’s very important for the dogs I meet that I give them the best chance at finding the right home that they need. I think a lot of other kids should be doing what I’m doing.”

His work did not go unnoticed, and in 2018, he was named Kid of the Year by the ASPCA, “for his compassion for vulnerable animals and his commitment to advocating for them well beyond his years.”

The videos of Roman were so heartwarming that instantly went viral and as a result of that he was even a guest of the popular The Ellen DeGeneres Show. There he received $20,000, and he donated every single dollar to Project Freedom Ride.

Due to the huge interest of his videos, Roman intends to host a global show and has partnered up with The DoDo to help him make the videos. He believes that this show will help for quicker adoption and thus saving many lives of the abandoned animals