8 Common Symptoms of Parasitic Infection That You Should Not Ignore!

Parasites have been troubling more and more people in recent years. In fact, we are all expecting that parasites would not bother people due to the increased level of health standards, but in fact this problem still exists and seem to be in rise.

The main reasons for these creatures are pollutants like asbestos, dyes, benzene, and dyes who deliver serious impact over the immune system. All of these reasons are actually preventing the body from responding to parasites and parasites infections.

The parasites are not deadly but can cause harm to your health and have terrible symptoms. Here is a list of 8 symptoms of parasitic infection:

  1. Fatigue

Dr. Leo Galland has found that parasites are actually responsible for causing chronic fatigue. According to his findings parasites protozoa class are the main cause for infection they can reside in drinking water.

  1. IBS

IBS patients are usually infected by parasites known as blastocystishominis. In more than 50% of patients the main type of parasites is this one. Once these parasites actually get in contact with oral-fecal it can spread rapidly. This means if a chef doesn’t wash his hands completely after the bathroom he can contaminate the customers with this parasite infection.

  1. Skin conditions

Another type of parasites is mites that usually reside under your skin and lay eggs. If this occurs it can reflect in form of rashes, eczema, bumps, and hives. Different studies suggest that 4 out of 5 Americans are infected with mites, or at least they have detectable levels of mites. These parasites can actually live in carpets, drapes, and linings.

  1. Insomnia

Roundworms are actually found in soil and can get into your body through the skin or mouth. The main symptoms are sleeping disorders which are caused by roundworm infection. Also these parasites can infiltrate the gut and cause havoc on advantageous bacteria.

  1. Obesity

The protozoan class of parasites is actually causing the metabolic syndrome. The main symptom of metabolic syndrome is obesity.

  1. Joint pain

The journal of Rheumatology has conducted a study which revealed that polyarthritis is the main parasitic infection which causes inflammation. Also according to another study the connection between the parasites and inflammation include Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

  1. Anemia

Anemia is definitely one of the most common blood conditions in the US. Usually it is caused by hookworm infection. Hookworms actually live in the soil and enter the body through the skin. These creatures feed with blood which can result with deficiency of red cells and anemia.

  1. Poor digestion

According to Dr. Oz the intestinal tract parasites can be the main cause for digestion problems, stomach pain, and stomach cramps. The most common intestinal tract parasites are pinworm, tapeworm, and ascariasis.

In case you notice any of these signs make sure that you visit your doctor immediately.

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