8 Easy Yoga Poses to Help Relieve Sciatica and Lower Back Pain in 8 Minutes

Sciatica torment is caused by improper sitting, unpleasant way of life, etc. In fact you could treat this condition by practicing yoga. The sciatic nerve is the one that is longest in the human body and it starts from the spine and finishes at the foot. Anyone could be affected by the sciatica, and those who are affected are definitely experiencing serious pain and issues.

The main side effects of aroused sciatic nerve are the following:

  1. Pain in the lower back, butt cheek, back of the thigh or calf
  2. Exhaustion, deadness, loss of feeling in your lower appendages, and tingling
  3. A feeling of burning and squeezing
  4. Knees shortcoming when holding up
  5. Weak reflexes in the Achilles ligament and knee

Here are the 8 yoga exercises that can help you relieve sciatica pain:

  1. The standing back twit

You will need to set the foot up on a seat and hold the back of your inverse hand on the knee. With your other hand you should put it on your hip and start handing the body by remaining firm over the hips. Hold this position for 30 seconds and afterwards change sides.

  1. The knee raise

You will need to lie down on your back and raise the knee to your chest. The other leg you need to keep it straight. Also make sure that your shoulders are on the ground at all times.

  1. The two knee twist

You will need to lie on your back and spread the arms in level of your shoulders. Keep the shoulders on the ground and start turning the two knees on one side, and afterwards do the same to the other side.

  1. The single knee twist

Again, you need to lie on your back and separate the leg, but keep the straight. Now you need twist the knee to 90 degree point. Place the inverse of your hand on the twisted knee and turn confront towards the other arm. Keep the shoulders on the floor while you do this.

  1. Twisted lunge

This pose is considered to open the hip so don’t disappoint yourself if you don’t succeed in your first attempt. Now you need to venture one leg forward while you bend the knee. The other leg should be behind you. Next, you should turn your back and put the inverse elbow outward of the twisted knee. Stay in this position for 30 seconds.

  1. The seated twist

You will need to sit with straight legs. Next you should twist the knee on one leg. One hand should be on the floor behind you and put the elbow inversely of your twisted knee. Swing to confront behind you and keep the legs pointing forward.

  1. The cat-cow pose

You will need to get on your knees and hands. Lift the abdominal area and pull the shoulders back. Relax for 10 seconds and drop the stomach to the ground until you shape and curve. Hold in this positions for 10 more seconds and get back to starting position.

  1. Child’s pose

You will need to bow and start stretching forward with your kneed grounded. You should put the hands before you and hold the position as much as you can.