8 Phone Tricks That Everyone Must Absolutely Know – But in Reality No One Knows

The smart phone has become our greatest accessory; in fact we are so attached to it that we are taking with us everywhere. Previously the phone was used solely for making and taking calls, and whenever we had the need of internet we had to use our desktop, modem and all sorts of gadgets. However, nowadays smart phones have it all: a camera, a compass, maps, a calculator, email, an encyclopedia, and many other tools with various apps.

Smart phones have become a necessity in our daily life and because of that we shall present you some simple tricks how to maintain them well and use them efficiently.  We all know the feeling when our battery is dead and particularly when we lose our smart phone, but there are nice little tricks which can make our phones more convenient for use.

Here below we have eight tips that every smart phone user should know:

  1. Use offline maps

The GPS function is of great benefit to all of us when we are taking long journey, but all of us know that this application uses lot of battery. There is a way how to save our battery during our journey, just make screenshots of the map you are about to use and in that way use them to guide you.

  1. Have a better network

Having good access to your network is always an issue, however even if you do not receive any network, the airplane mode can come handy with this issue. Namely, all you have to do is to put your phone in an airplane mode and then wait for a few seconds, after that cancel the airplane mode and wait for your phone to automatically reconnect to the network.

  1. Recharge your phone in an airplane mode

Low battery is always an issue especially if you have to leave quickly. In such cases you usually plug in your phone hoping that it will quickly charge few percent so that you can manage for some period of time. But, there is a quicker way of recharging your phone in just a short period of time by placing it in an airplane mode. In this way the time for recharging will be significantly reduced.

  1. Alternative chargers

It happens quite often to forget our charger, but even if this happens there are ways to recharge our phone. For instance, you can simply connect it to the USB port of your computer, and if you are in a plane you can connect to the one of the seat in front of you or to any other available USB port.

  1. Consolidate a charger

Since we need to charge our phones most of the time the cell phone charger will inevitably wear out after certain period of time. However, you can consolidate an already damaged cord by using a simple trick and that is applying a spring from a ballpoint pen. Just remove the spring from the inside of the pen and then wrap it around the cable to solidify and prevent wear.

  1. Easily find your phone in the dark

Waking up in the middle of the night and trying to find your phone can be a real hassle. So, in order to prevent such hassle, place a fluorescent sticker on your cell phone or simply paint its shell with a fluorescent paint. In this way there is no chance to miss your phone in the dark.

  1. Alarm amplifier

Most of us have replaced the alarm clock with the alarm of our phone, but even if it is set on loud volume sometimes it is still difficult to wake up in the morning. You can amplify the sound of your alarm by putting your phone in a cup or a glass and the volume will be significantly enhanced. There will be no chance of avoiding its sound and continuing to sleep.

  1. Secret stash

Phones can be your new secret stash which will become very handy if you forget or god forbid lose your wallet. Place couple of dollar bills between your cell phone and its cover and you will always be on the safe side.

We are more than sure that these ricks will be of great assistance to you, and if you find them useful, please share them with your friends and loved ones.