8 Signs Your Loved One is Trying to Contact You from the Great Beyond

We are all aware that we are guests in this world and that our time is limited, but we are still struck when someone close dies. The sorrow is so overwhelming that not even the words of your family and friends can be helpful, especially in the first days after the death of the loved person. The pain does not go away and the only comfort that most of us can find is that our loved one is still present and watching over us.

There are many professional mediums and psychics who believe that they can communicate with the spirit of a dead person. One of them is Kerrie Erwin considering this ability as a gift.

Erwin maintains: 

When I connect to a spirit I often get names, how they died, and they often just want to give me messages to loved ones as death is never the end and love is eternal. It is not unusual to have long conversations about their concerns with living in this life. Spirits also always have messages to give loved ones.”

This brings hope to many people and numerous mediums believe that the dead people send signs to the living one showing them that they are still present in their lives.

8 Signs Coming from your Deceased Loved One

1. Feeling their presence at funerals 

The funeral itself is the most probable place when a deceased person may contact his or hers loved ones. The deceased is still present in the minds of the people and the feelings are still intense for this person. In such surrounding the spirit can reach out to the loved ones. The sign could be a brief caress on the skin, a light touch on the shoulder, or a vivid memory of the deceased person. 

The psychic James Van Praagh believes that the spirit of the deceased is there with his loved ones on the funeral. The spirit gives signs that he or she is there, but the people are so overwhelmed with the pain that cannot notice them.

2. Sensing them 

Sensing their presence means knowing they are there via your sense organs of sound, sight, smell, touch or taste. You can associate them via certain scent and without even being aware that your loved one had that particular scent. For instance, the cinnamon that he used could assign for its presence. The most common one is experiencing sudden cold or goose bumps all over the body telling you that they are there with you. This is their way of them trying to reach out to you and offer you the needed comfort.

3. Appearing to you in your peripheral vision 

It can happen when you are in your deepest thoughts thinking about the deceased person and somewhere in the peripheral vision it happen to appear to you. You will be amazed and try to check where you saw your loved one, but you cannot find him or her as there is no one there. This is just one way of the spirit trying to communicate with you.

4. Hearing songs 

If the song that was a favorite to both of you, frequently appears on the TV or radio, is just another way of your loved one trying to communicate with you telling you that he or she is there for you.

5. Seeing numbers 

This refers only to the numbers that had meaning to both of you like dates of birthdays, anniversaries or some important day in your lives. These numbers had significance in your lives and by appearing to you, you are being told that life needs to be celebrated.

6. Having dreams

When we sleep the deceased loved one commonly appears in our dreams, and every person has dreamt about a deceased person more than once. The reason for that is when we are asleep, our vibrational energy elevates and thus match the higher energy that the spirits possess. For the spirits this is the easiest way to reach out to their loved ones. You may wonder how I should know that he or she is contacting me when we are thinking about them all the time and it is most likely for them to appear in a dream.

You will know that it is not an ordinary dream when it starts to be recurring in which the loved one is trying to tell you something. In such dreams try to understand what the loved one is telling to you. Plus, these dreams are so vivid that you will never forget them and that makes them different from the rest of the ordinary dreams.

7. Finding objects in odd places

Again these are not ordinary objects, but objects that had meaning for the deceased person. So, if they are misplaced and later on found by you, then it is a sign of the loved one communicating with you.

8. Animal behaviour 

It is a known fact that animals have a unique sense when someone will die. They are very sensitive to higher energies and the spirits use them to contact you. If your pet starts to behave out of ordinary like pecking at you through a window or windshield, squawking imitating speech, or suddenly stopping in front of you could be a sign of a presence of a supernatural being.

Spirits can use them as a way of communication to the living like when your dog wags his tail even though it is not excited or happy for anything. These behaviors could mean that your loved one is there with you.

Is it real the communication with the dead?

Yes, we believe it is, and it has to be in a hidden form as they cannot call you via phone and talk to you. However, there are many frauds just trying to take your money telling you that they can contact your loved one. There are true mediums that have this ability and can establish a genuine moment of communication between the living and the Dead.

Ordinary people can communicate with their dead loved ones, especially when they are in their deepest thoughts remembering all those spent moments together.

According to a conducted study in Wales involving elderly widows and widowers there was a certain communication with their dead loved ones. In their reports 39% felt their presence after the funeral and still do, 13% of them were able to hear voices of their loved ones, 14% saw them, and 3% experienced their touch.

There is nothing wrong in feeling the presence of your loved one as ultimately it is a great therapeutic way to deal with the grief and move on in life, at least, that is what your loved one would want for you for sure.