8 Subtle Signs You Might Be Pregnant and Not Know It

Learning the fact of a pregnancy is usually a moment of joy. If you suspect you are pregnant it is important to have a pregnancy test or a blood test to make sure. However you can pay attention to the small signs that reveal the presence of a pregnancy and this will allow you, if you hesitate, to take the step to carry out a test.

Here are the 8 signs that reveal the presence of a pregnancy:

1. Constipation

Being a victim of constipation may be due to a hormonal change and consequently to the presence of a pregnancy. Bet on fiber!

2. Frequent urge to urinate

The production of HCG will make your bladder much more sensitive to urine. If you notice you often urinate without even changing your water intake, this may be the sign of a pregnancy.

3. Become sensitive to odors

Hormonal changes can cause sensitivity to odors, especially for strong odors such as perfume. If you notice a change in odor sensitivity, you may be pregnant.

4. Menstrual pains

It is possible that you experience pain in the ovaries in the same way as during the period and sometimes even with a white discharge. Do not hesitate to take a test!

5. Nausea

Nausea is essential for the fetus since it helps protect it from certain foods that are harmful to it. If you often have nausea then a baby may be hiding in your belly.

6. Have a headache

During a period of pregnancy the blood pressure increases and this can cause the presence of headaches. If these are persistent, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

7. Hypersensitivity

It is during a period of pregnancy that the woman undergos hormonal changes that can cause constant irritability or frequent urges to cry.

8. Sensitive breast

If you notice that your breasts change, and that the nipples become darker, it is possible that they are preparing to breastfeed your future baby.