8 Summer Foods That Will Help You De-Bloat

Bloating is a condition that can affect anyone including people with healthy lifestyle. The main causes for bloating are menstruation, dehydration, and overeating. Most of the people don’t believe, but consuming increased amount of foods can help you solve the issue. This doesn’t mean that you should consume any type of foods, but rather you should consume foods that can help you improve your digestion and reduce the size of the belly.

We are going to present to you the best 9 summer foods that can help you treat bloating and get flat stomach:

  1. Kiwi

Kiwi contains actinidin, which is a substance that prevents bloating. This substance also helps you improve the digestive system. On the other hand it contains lots of fibers that can help you keep the weight and improve digestion.

  1. Avocados

This fruit contains very low amount of sugars and it is sorbitol-free, as well as fructose-free. Sorbitol and fructose are the main causes for bloating, so consuming this fruit will prevent such condition. This tropical fruit also contains fibers that help you improve your digestion and gives you a feeling of satiety for longer period of time. You may consume it raw or as part of your favorite smoothie.

  1. Cucumber

Cucumbers contains high amount of water and quercetin which is powerful antioxidant that helps you treat bloating. Also it contains vitamin C and salt which prevents water retention and bloating. On the other hand it is very good for your skin due to the caffeic acid it contains, which also reduces inflammation.

  1. Berries

Blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries are extremely rich with fiber and water. Due to these properties it is great for improvement of your digestion and keeps the body hydrated. Consuming berries on regular basis will help you prevent bloating and will increase the food digestion.

  1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich with potassium which is important for preventing bloating and reducing the levels of sodium in the body. This vegetable also contains 95% of water which means it is great for lubricating the digestive system. On the other hand, tomatoes contain vitamin C and powerful antioxidants.

  1. Watermelon

This fruit is great for your body because it is consistent of 90% water and lots of nutrients. It is also great for your gastrointestinal system and preventing bloating. Also it could help your body to remove excess salt and fat.

  1. Green vegetables

You should consume leafy green vegetables such as broccoli, kale, cabbage, and Swiss chard in order to prevent problems with digestion and bloating. These veggies contain magnesium which is important mineral and electrolyte for balancing the fluids in the body. Bloating often is caused due to the imbalance of the electrolytes in the body. Make sure that you consume it on daily basis in order to instantly overcome the issues

  1. Asparagus

Asparagus is great for preventing water retention in the body which is causing bloating. Also it is great diuretic that can relieve bloating. It contains prebiotic properties that can help you boost the probiotic levels in the digestive system, and heal your gut.

You should consume these foods in order to treat bloating. Make sure that you consume them on regular basis if you want to prevent it.

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