8-Year-Old Boy Hugs Nurse Who Gave Him Part of Her Liver to Save His Life

Being an organ donor is the most benevolent thing that someone can do for any human being. This incredible act of good cannot be compared with anything else. The person who is desperately in a need of organ understands the great importance of this remarkable deed.

In this article, we shall present a story about a nurse who saved the life of an 8-year old boy by donating a part of her liver.

Brayden was 8 years old when he contracted an aggressive virus that attacked his liver. He had just finished competing in the state wrestling championship, when this virus has attacked him and his liver. His parents, Ruth and James Auten, were out of their wits when they found out that their little boy lost its liver. He needed an immediate liver transplant and because of that his parents tried their best to find the perfect match. But, there was no positive response in their request, when a miracle happened, an ICU nurse in Milwaukee, Camie Loritz, offered to get tested and she turned out to be the perfect match.

On May 15, 2019, both surgeries were scheduled and thus Brayden’s life was saved. Camie wanted to stay anonymous, but the hospital organized a meeting between Camie and Brayden. Once they saw each other they warmly hugged each other, each one pleased for the done human deed.

The parents of Brayden are eternally grateful for the noble deed of this nurse and expressed great appreciation towards this lady who made a completely selfless act. Ruth Auten, said that she has no words how to express her deep gratitude towards Loritz, and what she has done for her boy is incredible and she is now and always be a part of their family.

Brayden’s father commented the following:

She has given up time and went through pain to make sure that my son has a chance to walk by my side again and be able to live and thrive like a regular 8yr old boy. So thank you Cami Loritz I will never be able to repay the gift that you have given my son and all of us!”

Today Brayden is a healthy boy regularly visiting school classes. In July he was released from the hospital and returned to his home. He has successfully recovered from the partial liver transplant done in May. After this overwhelming event, in September, Loritz responded to all the people who supported her and Brayden, conveying a valuable message:

Now that we are almost 4 months post-transplant it’s heartwarming seeing Brayden enjoy being a kid again, no argument he’s stinkin’ cute! I am beyond thankful his family gets the chance to have their little boy back and healthy.”

With that said, both the Auten’s and I don’t want this happy ending to end here. … Living organ donation is a FEASIBLE concept to SAVE LIVES! On top of all the love and support we’ve received we’re asking for your help to educate the public and raise awareness about living organ donation.

Help us lessen the deficit between the number of organs needed and the number of organs available. … *Special shout out and thank you to the Transplant Team, Transplant ICU, and 4NW staff (especially nurses) at Froedtert Hospital for making this all possible!”

The Importance of Liver

This body organ is the most valuable detox organ in the body that absorbs the harmful toxins and then turning them into harmless substances. Further on, it produces proteins and converts nutrients from foods into useful substances.

The liver is also being attacked by viruses but there is no reflection of harsh symptoms which makes it very difficult to detect a liver issue at an early stage.

A patient needs a liver transplant when the liver is diseased or failing. Those patients are commonly the ones with severe pulmonary hypertension, irreversible medical condition with short-term life expectancy, active substance user, a systemic or having uncontrollable infection or cancer that spreads to other body parts. In such cases the patient receives the liver via surgery that lasts between 6 to 8 hours. All the risks and the benefits of the surgery are carefully analyzed by experts that put the patient to the waiting list for an organ donor,

As in most of the cases of donor organs, the organs come from people that have been declared brain dead, and previously signed to be organ donor or their closed ones, have agreed to such act.

Brayden received a partial liver that can be donated only from a living person like Loritz. Just in this case the liver did not come from a relative or a friend, but from a complete stranger.

Good things can always happen even when they are most unexpected. Loritz saved Brayden, maybe you will safe someone, or some stranger may save you!