8-Year-Old Girl from Mexico Wins Nuclear Sciences Prize for Her Invention

Inventions make all the changes in the world, but what really can amaze us when children are one of the inventors like Xóchitl Guadalupe Cruz of Chiapas from Mexico.

Xóchitl was an 8-year old girl when she got the recognition of the UNAM’s Institute of Nuclear Sciences for her invention. Namely, she constructed a solar-powered device that can be used to heat water by using recycled materials.

The regional area in Chiapas is scarce in resources and the residents are forced to use trees to heat their water. Xóchitl has been competing in science fairs since she was 4 years old trying to find a better solution for low-income families. There are solutions on the market that can provide hot water, but they are pricey for these families. They need a low-cost option that will provide them with hot water. So, this third-grader used refuse like plastic, wood, and empty bottles in order to build a water heater. Her prototype was first installed on the roof of her family home and it was successful providing them with hot water. This invention is a great breakthrough for the families that cannot afford a water heater.

Xóchitl’s Design of Solar Water Heaters

It is a fact that the solar water heaters are not new on the market, and what makes different the Xóchitl’s design from the rest is the cost efficiency. Everyone cannot afford a solar water heater since the cost of installing a solar water heater can be very high.

In the sates the common American household can use social benefits such as government rebates to offset the upfront cost of switching to solar. However, this is not the case in developing countries where the heating water for cooking and sanitation is one of the most expensive and as well as a time-consuming activity of the household. For instance, in Bangladesh, most of the people are forced to use wood for water heating and thus greatly contribute to deforestation.

Hence, the need of low-cost solar alternatives is immense so that low-income households could have hot water without using the environment resources. This invention would be of great help to communities like Chiapas providing them with solar water heaters thus lowering their dependence on wood and fossil fuels used to heat water.

Advantages of Using Solar Water Heaters

In modern society solar water heaters are also expensive but over time they become cost efficient. Plus, there are numerous benefits to using a solar-powered water heater. For instance, the maintenance of solar water heaters is commonly very low and they can last for many years. These heaters save households 50% or more off their water heating bill.

In addition to all this, they are good for the environment as they save significantly on carbon emissions reaching the amount of 220kg of carbon dioxide per year or more. The fuel that runs the solar water heaters is the sun which makes it free and as well as completely sustainable and renewable. The users of solar water heater are less likely to face a disruption in resource availability as a result of power outages or gas line issues.

In the case of developing areas, the Xóchitl’s invention will make a big difference making solar water heaters more reachable. The use of recycled materials will also contribute to lower environmental waste and pollution. Developing countries suffer a lot from poor waste management and this invention would be one way of resolving recycling facilities. It will be a win-win situation the waste will be recycled and many households will receive hot water at low cost.

We need more children like Xóchitl that will make the world a better place to live in.