89 Year Old Grandma Sews 600 Masks While Jamming to the Beatles

The novel COVID-19 has made a complete havoc in the whole world, and in order to prevent its spreading many governments issued quarantine preventive measures. Wearing a mask has become obligatory as a way to protect ourselves and the one we love. During the quarantine time many people got creative and that included the elderly.

Teresa Provo, 89, from Chicago had to also stay at home, but she did not fuss a lot about it, she used her time to do something that will be beneficial for everyone. Knowing the ongoing lack of surgical masks she decided to do something about. She took out her old sewing machine and sewed 600 protective masks.

This amazing grandma lives alone in her home in Illinois, and the first thing that came to her mind is to protect her own children and grandchildren by sewing protective masks. Wearing protective masks and social distancing are highly necessary during this virus outbreak, and Provo like any loving granny got scared for her close ones. The sewing of the protective masks came first to her mind and she immediately went to work. She gathered all the needed materials for the masks and started sewing. Almost without break she sewed 50 masks for all her loved ones, in just a couple of days she packed them and had them sent to her relatives in Wisconsin, California, Chicago, Florida, and Minnesota.

Once she finished the job for her family, she thought of her fellow seniors that reside in nursing homes. So, instead of not knowing what to do in these difficult times, she continued sewing masks for the residents of a nursing home. Her sewing was documented on a video and it was really amazing seeing an 89-year-old grandma listening to The Beatles, and sewing masks for the older generation.

Provo’s masks are not regular ones, white or grayish; they are really creative with patterns that will amaze you. When she thought of her loved ones she knew what they would like and some of her masks were with featured sports teams like Blackhawks and Chicago Cubs, and for the girls with colourful patterns and designs.

The “Red Hat Club” – The Blooming Senior Club

The act of love by grandma Provo was inspiring for other people that made them willing to participate in her work. Teresa involved her elderly friends in her work and the “Red Hat Club” club members joined in sewing of protective masks. With combined effort they managed to sew total of 600 masks for the residents living in a nursing home.

This club is known for its support of local artists by visiting their events and watching their performance. Since all events are closed the club took another goal and that is making protective masks. They needed two weeks to finish the set of 600 masks, but this was not their last job, they are still doing on others as well.

Grandma Provo is the perfect example how to wisely spend your quarantine time and that will for sure set your gloomy thoughts aside. We need to accept the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic and if we are taking all the precautionary measures then will be alright. There is no need for panic, all we need to do is to look up this 89-year-old grandma and show some act of kindness that will get us through these terrible times.

Amy Szabo is one of the grandchildren of Teresa Provo that taped her grandma in action. She posted the video online so that everyone can check it and see the zeal of her grandmother while making the protective masks.

Grandma jams out while sewing 600 masks… Check it out! goodnewsnetwork.org/89-year-old-sews-600-masks-while-listening-to-the-beatles/

Posted by Geri Weis-Corbley on Sunday, April 19, 2020

We should follow the example of this super granny and make something of our extra time and be more productive for a greater goal.