9 Foods That Can Eliminate Nicotine from Your Body in No Time

If you are a smoker then smoking cigarettes offers you great satisfaction since the content of nicotine flows through your entire body thanks to the bloodstream. In average, the nicotine effect lasts for about 6-8 hours. Larger amount of this substance will be removed from the body through the urine, but the part that it is stored will be metabolized and it will be eliminated from the body for 48-72 hours. However, there is another substance of the nicotine, known as cotinine, which is a by-product of nicotine that continues flowing throughout the bloodstream for 20-30 days. Nevertheless, the body needs to be cleansed from the presence of nicotine, and because of that you need to implement some cleansing methods.

How to efficiently and quickly get rid of nicotine from your body?

For sure that would be Vitamin C as this is a powerful substance having the ability to efficiently remove the nicotine from the bloodstream in no time. This vitamin enhances the work of the metabolism and produces leukocytes. It is present in most of the vegetables and fruits, therefore consume them as much as possible so that you can help your body to efficiently get rid of the nicotine. Moreover, regular consumption of veggies and fruits will bring your body many health benefits as they are high in water content and beneficial nutrients. According to researchers consuming vegetables and fruits will help you to stay away from cigarettes for longer periods of time and make the taste of cigarettes less appealing.

A comprehensive study was conducted on the influence of consuming vegetables and fruits when smoking is concerned. A team of public health scientists at the University of Buffalo, authors from UB’s School of Public Health and Health professions, carried on this study where they involved 1,000 smokers form the whole country in the age of 25 and beyond. After 14 months, the scientists checked the participants of the study whether they managed to stay away from cigarettes for a longer period of time.

The results showed that the participants who ate more veggies and fruits were at 3 times higher chances of staying away from smoking for at least a month, which was not the case with the participants who ate smaller amounts of vegetables and fruits. In addition to this, the participants who consumed more vegetables and fruits smoked less during the day, and their first cigarette was smoked later in the day thus showing better scores on a nicotine-dependent test.

Few Reasons Why the Consumption of Vegetables and Fruits Can Aid People in Quitting Smoking:

  • Vegetables and fruits are packed with fiber offering the feeling of fullness, which is very important for smokers since they cannot tell the difference between hunger and smoking urges.
  • Nicotine dependence is reduced.
  • Alcohol, caffeinated beverages and meats stimulate the need and taste for tobacco, which is not the case with the consumption of vegetables and fruits; in fact it can worsen the taste of tobacco.
  • Healthy diet involves increased consumption of vegetables and fruits, so the desire to lead a healthier lifestyle can make current smokers to abandon their unhealthy habit in order to have better healthier lifestyle.

9 Foods that Stimulate Nicotine Body Elimination

  1. Vegetables
    There are vegetables that can very much influence the taste of tobacco like celery, cucumbers, eggplants, and zucchinis. Therefore, increase the intake of these vegetables as they have the ability to reduce nicotine dependence. However, avoid higher intake of sweet vegetables because they are high in sugar and larger amounts of glucose can activate the brain areas accountable for pleasure and satisfaction thereby triggering cravings.
  2. Carrot Juice
    The juice made of carrots is rich in vitamins A, B, C, K which aid in the nicotine removal from the body. The presence of nicotine in the body can damage the skin, but consuming carrot juice can prevent this since it is loaded with vitamins beneficial for the skin.
  3. Oranges
    This fruit is high in vitamin C and can efficiently supply the smoker’s body with the needed vitamin C, which amount is significantly decreased as a result of cigarette smoking. The consumption of this fruit can boost your metabolism therefore making the removal of nicotine faster and lower the stress as well.

4.Kiwi Fruit
Consuming kiwi can assist in the elimination of the nicotine from the body and supply the body with the necessary Vitamins A, C and E which are being reduced due to cigarette smoking.

  1. Water
    The body needs to be well hydrated in order to function properly, but smoking can dehydrate the body. For that reason you need to increase the consumption of water so that you can rehydrate your body. Good body hydration helps the body to efficiently get rid of nicotine.
  2. Pine Needle Tea
    This type of tea has been traditionally used for mouth and throat disinfection, however it is also beneficial for proper health of the lungs.
  3. Nettle
    This herb is high in iron, acts as a disinfectant and it is great for fighting off infections.
  1. Broccoli
    This vegetable is high in vitamins B5 and C, and its consumption will restore the content of vitamin C thereby improving body’s metabolism. Furthermore, this green vegetable has in its content a substance that can protect the lungs from damages caused by toxins.
  2. Spinach
    It is packed with folic acid and vitamins, therefore very good for the body health wise, but especially amazing for worsening the taste of tobacco.

So, try to consume these vegetables and help your body to quickly eliminate the nicotine from its system.