9 Signs That Show You Are Dealing With High Functioning Alcoholic

Alcoholism is a very dangerous addiction that can completely destroy your social life and above all your health. You will notice that there are different types of alcoholics, the ones who drink openly, in front of other people, and others who try to hide their issue from the their surrounding, and these ones are called “functioning alcoholics”.

Nowadays, most of the people lead hectic lifestyle and due to the hardships they experience during the day they need something to relax when they arrive at their homes. Usually that relaxation involves consumption of alcoholic drinks. Nevertheless, people should be aware that alcohol consumption can become pretty dangerous because it can trigger harmful addiction leading to numerous health issues. Therefore, you should be extra careful when alcohol consumption is concerned.

In this article, we shall concentrate on the alcoholic type of people known as the functioning alcoholics. Here below, see all the symptoms that this type of alcoholics shows:

Symptoms of High Functioning Alcoholics

  1. Showing great irritation when not consuming alcohol
    The person who is addicted from alcohol needs to take his daily dose as if this is not the case he will become greatly irritated, agitated, worried, depressed, and unpleasant. Likewise sudden abstinence of alcohol in alcoholic can cause negative body effects such as sweating, shaking, anxiety, and palpitations.
  2. Excessive alcohol consumption
    The most obvious symptom of a functioning alcoholic is that he or she consumes large quantities of alcohol. Namely, functioning alcoholic cannot satisfy his alcoholic urge with one or two drinks, when he starts to drink he needs more drinks, in fact he continues to drink without being aware of the alcoholic amount. The need for alcohol becomes higher especially if he is near a bar.
  3. Replacing food with alcohol
    The functioning alcoholic is not interested in food; he will rather drink large quantities of alcohol than eat. Commonly he drinks beer as a substitute for the daily meals, and he can easily substitute his breakfast, lunch, and dinner with other drinks as well.
  4. Experiencing memory loss and poor brain function
    Alcohol causes weak and defective memory in alcoholics. In fact, it directly affects the nervous system and because of that alcoholic addicts can even pass out after they’ve had a number of glasses of alcohol. When this happens to them they cannot remember anything and as well as become very forgetful.
  5. Rare hangovers
    The alcoholic regularly has alcohol in his blood and it never leaves his inner body system. High-functioning alcoholics rarely have hangovers in the mornings.
  6. Giving justifications that have no meaning and sense
    All functioning alcoholics easily find reasons to justify their drinking as a means to reduce their stress or saying that by drinking they are socializing with their friends. If somebody tries to explain them the harmful effects that alcohol can have on their health, they do not accept these warnings and give some illogical or absurd reasons for their drinking.
  7. Behavioral changes
    The addiction caused by alcohol triggers mood swings, and as a result of which when alcoholics start drinking, their behavior changes entirely. For instance, they can become aggressive and start making impulsive decisions, which very much affects their social life in a negative way. Functioning alcoholics experience chemical changes within their body which results in short-tempered behavior. Furthermore, they are becoming extremely selfish, and because of that they are never considerate about the pain or happiness of other people.
  8. Tendency to hide their alcohol
    This type of alcoholics have the tendency to hide their liquor because they are scared that the people from their surrounding will steal their alcohol. They like to drink alone so that no one sees them. They find places where they will take their daily dosage like in their cars or while they are still at work. The most evident sign of alcoholism is when they are hiding their alcoholic bottle from other people. They do not want for the other people to know their addiction.
  9. Denying the truth
    In general every functioning alcoholic will deny his addiction claiming that he does not have any addiction issue. The most common reaction is a grimace that they make when someone asks them about their addiction or advises them to stop. This type of alcoholics will adamantly deny the existence of their nasty habit, and start telling lies to people who are trying to make them quit this harmful habit.

If you are trying to help an alcoholic that is in your surroundings, we strongly advise you to seek an advice from a physician as for sure you will need a professional help especially if you want to help this person to quit this bad habit. Luckily, there are many alcohol rehabilitation centers which are specialized for this sort of an addiction and for some others as well. So, if you know a person with the aforementioned symptoms, immediately seek for a professional opinion so that you can help him to solve his problem.