91-yr-old Grandma Transforms Small Village into Her Own Art Gallery by Painting Flowers on All the Houses

Art can be very fulfilling and even if you are not an artist just by enjoying the masterpieces of renowned artists you feel elevated and greatly inspired. For artists there is no age limit for expressing their innerself, and a typical example of that was Anežka Kašpárková (Agnes Kašpárková), making art till the day she died in Louka (southern Czech) village.

For her age was only a number, and at the age of 91 she was still painting the walls of the houses of her village. When she was young she worked as an agricultural worker and when she retired she started decorating the houses around her village. She picked up this trade from a late friend named Manakova, and she liked it a lot that she did it also for 30 years.

This old Czech lady amazed the people all around the world with her exquisite artistry. Agnes was hand-painting the homes of her neighbors, and in time she transformed her little village into a magical and intricate place. For her work she used paint of the best quality that guaranteed that her decorations would last at least for two years. She did her artwork by using a small brush and bright blue paint.

Her work was surreal and truly refined and all her floral wall murals were inspired by traditional Moravian artwork. The floral designs were in ultramarine shades that made the white walls of the Moravian (southern Czech) houses in her village enchanting and one of a kind.

She did the work every season, but when her age got to her she did her work only in the summer months.

Agnes particularly liked painting the village chapel, and for that purpose she spent 10 days every May to decorate it.

She never planned ahead her artworks and did the floral themes when her inspiration came. Interestingly, she never considered herself as an artist, but just as a lady that liked to decorate the world that surrounded her. She simply loved her hobby and did with a great zeal till the day she died.

She left this world on March 12, 2018, but her art is still present on the walls of the houses of her village reminding the people of her joyful and everlasting spirit.