94-Year-Old Jimmy Carter is Back to Building Homes for the Poor Just Months After Hip Surgery

One of the most active and still living Presidents of the states is for sure Jimmy Carter. He is 94 years old and still does not give up taking part in all its building activities. After his presidency and political career he turned to charity and for over 30 years he helps in building houses.

However, last spring he had to undergo a hip surgery as he unfortunately broke it, but this does not stop him, but he is getting ready for the building of another house. His doctor recommended him to take a break and try to recuperate. President Carter will take some time off but once he feels strong enough he will return to his work at Habitat for Humanity International.

The former President took a break of three months and after this period he jumped back on his feet in May. The Habitat for Humanity has been building houses for decades and one of their sites is the Park Preserve neighborhood of Nashville where future homeowners and other volunteers take part in the building process. One of those people is also the former President Jimmy Carter who has been a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity for 35 years.

Jimmy Carter along with the former first lady, Rosalynn Carter, have participated in the construction of over 4,300 homes in 14 countries since 1984. The President also took part in the 2018 Carter Work Project in Mishawaka, Indiana.

According to the statement of the spokeswoman for the Carter Center, the former President and his wife, plan to build 21 new homes in Nashville, Tennessee. This has been also confirmed by a Bryan Thomas, a spokesman of Habitat for Humanity International, who also added “the President Carter shouldn’t be counted out, because he always comes back”.

Aside the building activity Jimmy Carter was active in other fields like teaching classes at Sunday school. But, due to the caused fracture he had to stay at home and put on hold his classes. Since the teaching does not require some hard physical activity he managed to come back in less than a month after his procedure. His comeback was a great pleasure for the people at Maranatha Baptist Church who were thrilled to see him again.

Carter is not a person that easily gives up as even before he had serious health issues like in 2015 when he was diagnosed with cancer. His brain scans showed four spots of cancer on his brain. Doctors did not give him a lot of time to live, but this did not stop him to continue with his benevolent work.

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Jimmy Carter as a democrat took the mandate from 1977 to 1981 as the 39th President of the USA. He also took the positions of Georgia state senator and governor. He won the Nobel peace award for his work and involvement with the Carter Center and his criticism of wars. The Carter Center was set up in partnership with Emory University where the former president taught for three decades. He is also a tenured faculty member of Emory. During his retirement his work did not stop but took another level in doing charity work.

Regarding the current world political scene, Carter states that the US is falling behind China because of all the wars contrary to the Chinese who have not spent a penny on war but in building their country. On the other hand, America has wasted $3 trillion in wars and almost nothing in education, bridges, railroads, and roads.