A 70-Year-Old Grandma Cleaned 52 Beaches in 2018 to Help Our Planet

Our planet is drowning in plastic as there are tons of plastic in our oceans threatening the marine life, in fact plastic and harmful chemicals are everywhere. We have only one planet that is our home and because of that we need to do something to protect it. You may think that you are the only one person, but every effort counts.

One of those people who decided to do something about our planet is Pat Smith being 70 years old and living in UK. This lady was moved after watching a documentary on TV regarding the ongoing plastic pollution. She found it very disturbing, and decided to do something about it starting from cleaning one beach every week. Her idea was accepted by the local population and her family, and together they managed to clean 52 beaches in Cornwall in 2018.

The funny thing about her cleaning the beaches was that people believed that she did that as a part of a community service. No one realized that this was her initiative and having the will to contribute with something for a cleaner planet.

She did not stop only on cleaning the beaches, but she initiated a movement named as

The Final Straw referring to the use of plastic straws that commonly end-up on many beaches all around the world. Although this may be considered as a needle in a hay stag, it is still one step further as many people use plenty of plastic straws that ultimately pollute our oceans.

Did you know that if you use plastic straws two times a day you will generate over 600 straws per year?

This count comes from a single person and if we multiply this with millions of people the number gets horrifying high considering the fact that all those straws are polluting our planet. If you have been the person that had used plastic straws frequently in the past, stop doing it if you want to protect your only home, planet Earth.

Mrs. Smith started to cooperate with other people with ecological awareness like Martin Dorey, known for the 2 Minute Beach Clean, and with Wayne Dixon who walks the shores of the United Kingdom as an ambassador for Keep Britain Tidy.

If this super granny can do something about the environment we can as well try to do something beneficial for our planet. We can for sure stop using plastic straws and replace them with ecologically-friendly solutions. There are always better alternatives that can keep our planet safe and clean.