A Champion Gymnast with Down Syndrome Becomes a Model and Breaks Stereotypes

The physical appearance is very important for the general population, and although we are taught as children that we all have a unique beauty, the reality is something totally diffrent. Every TV station or internet portal shows the widely recognized stereotypes of beauty and we are not seeing the wonderful diversity every day. However, it seems that certain stereotypes are getting to be broken.

Chelsea Werner is a gymnast from Danville, California, who has Down Syndrome. This disease is a common chromosomal defect that results in the delay of the intellectual and physiological development of a person. This young lady broke every set principle of beauty stereotype with its unique perfection.

This young lady is a renowned gymnast who had been participating in the Special Olympics United States National Championship where she had earned gold medals four times and won the World Championship two times. Gymnastics is a part of her life since she was 4 years old because she needed to implement some physical activity, and gymnastics was her choice. Very soon, she became the champion gymnast thanks to her gained skills that improved her health and boosted her self-confidence.

Chelsea was always supported by her family, and probably that is the wind in the back that every person needs in order to succeed. She could be just like any other aspiring model with Down Syndrome, but her family was always keeping her back and supported her in her desire to become a model. She was not immediately successful, she was turned down by many agencies, but her persistence and patience at the end were worthwhile.

Social media changed her life when she was first discovered by the company We Speak, an agency that supports body positivity and inclusion in the modeling world. The founder of We Speak, Briauna Mariah, discovered Chelsea and was drown to her by her optimistic energy presented in a viral video. She believed that Chelsea could climb the ladder in the fashion world, and she was so right. The first photo-shoot of Chelsea was a global sensation making her the beacon of hope for many children with this condition.

Chelsea was aware that the modeling world had an underrepresentation of people with Down Syndrome, but her appearance changed all that. All her photos and the inclusion in this secluded world showed every person in the world, particularly the ones with Down Syndrome, that everything is possible in life. If we have a goal and we are persistent with it everything can be achieved. This particularly referred to the people with Down Syndrome who have to struggle with the diagnosis every day, but Chelsea showed them that that they can defeat their disorder and rise above it.

The fashion world likes Chelsea a lot as Chelsea can accept feedback without being narrow-minded and she is also a fast learner according to Mariah. These wonderful personal characteristics will be of great help in the modeling world for Chelsea, and Mariah believes that Chelsea will do much more.

Chelsea’s portfolio is being prepared and her brand is being tested in front of a camera. Chelsea Werner will not be alone in her modeling venture, but she will be with two other girls, Maran Avila and Madeline Stuart, models with Down Syndrome. One of the girls, Stuart has already launched her own clothing line recognized under the name of 21 Reasons Why. The number 21 refers to the extra 21st chromosome copy that causes Down Syndrome.

These brave three girls will make a change in the modern world that is based on perfection, and show everyone that there is no fixed definition of “perfect”. Each person is really beautiful in its own way and there are no set standards for beauty and perfection. Chelsea showed that to us in her unique way.

She set a message to every person with Down Syndrome or other disability that they can achieve more in life and that they should not be stopped due to their disability. In the fashionable world she changed the stereotypes and showed that the features that make us different are beautiful in their own way. We are not a unified world but a world comprised of diversity and that is what makes us unique.