A Nap Desk is Exactly What You Need to Be Productive at Work

We have all experienced those sleepless nights, but the mornings can be really devastating especially if it is a work day. Most people immediately turn to the large mug of coffee so that they can be alert for their working activities. This can be really helpful, but in the afternoon there is a better solution for solving the tiredness due to lack of sleep.

Caffeine is not an option as it can disturb your sleeping pattern and lead to another night with not enough sleep. So, what is the solution?

The nap is more powerful than caffeine

Coffee can be easily replaced with having a nap and offer the needed alertness for the rest of the day. It has been proven that having that short naps during the day can better mental alertness and are more effective than long sleep breaks.

According to a conducted 2015 study naps can enhance the immune system by reversing the negative effects of sleep shortage. Naps can offer the needed rest and refresh the body without any adverse effects like the caffeine. However, the 8-hour sleep every night is the basis for optimal health.

So, if you cannot keep up the alertness in the afternoon, then having a nap is the solution. But, in the office napping cannot be done except in the specialized offices like Google where the employers have offered all the needed commodities. Regular offices do not have all these commodities and a as result of that the Greek designer, Nancy Leivaditou, of Studio NL developed a piece of furniture that can allow having the needed nap in the office. The employees will feel refresh and continue with their work more focused.

She came up with the idea when she was living in New York. During her studies and work in the USA she experienced this same lack of alertness in the afternoon hours. Therefore, she designed a multipurpose desk that can be turned into a bed on activation.

The best part about this desk is that it can be used also at home as it has a built-in TV if you need only to make a pause. It is 2 meters long and 0.8 meters wide making it suitable for the office and home as well. This piece of furniture is referred as to 1.6 S.M. of Life Desk, but you cannot still find it stores. The designers are still working on it, but very soon it will be available.

 How does it work?

The desk is easily convertible into a bed, all you need is to slide the top board backward from your sitting position and the mattress is there for a small rest. The upper layer of the desk is made of lacquered wood, and the mattress is hinged up on one side. There is plywood that can be easily reclined for the support of the head and feet. Thanks to this desk-bed you can take the needed nap.

However, have in mind that napping should be up to 45minutes, enough time to feel recuperated, and for some people even 15 minutes would be enough. The proper 8-hour sleep you should have at home in your bedroom.