A Remote Irish Island is Looking for Two Friends to Live There for Free and Run Its Coffee Shop

We are living in a modern era with many technical devices and digital gadgets, but it seems that we are more stressful than ever before, and because of that many people are searching for their way of relaxation.

Many of us dream of going somewhere secluded with not so many people like an isolated island. The dream of going to an island to relax is not possible for most of us leaving us only with the dream in our minds. It needs plenty of finances to make your dream come true, but what if you can live your dream and for that not to pay a dime.

Yes, although it seems idealistic it is possible; you can even earn money there. Namely, there is an advertisement posted on Twitter which states that they need two people for managing accommodations at the coffee shop on an island.

It was posted by the tourism center of The Great Blasket Island, located near the western coast of Ireland, and it is the largest island from the group of islands that it belongs to. The job is offered in the period of April up to October 2020.

The Great Blasket Island is populated with less than 160 people, and there have been never more people on this island. But, on the island’s website is stated: “in the past few years a number of the houses have been restored and amenities provided for visitors to the island.”

The advertisement says the following:

“** Job Vacancy **

A unique position required – looking for long term management of Island Accommodation and Coffee Shop. Couple or two friends.

 1st April 2020 – October 2020 accommodation and food provided.

 Email Alice on info@greatblasketisland.net for more information pic.twitter.com/RJFfrr4QDH

— Great Blasket Island (@gbisland) January 10, 2020”

This would be a perfect way to get away from the stressful life you are living at the moment. Just you should be aware that by accepting this job post you will be completely switched off from society, no Wi-Fi, no internet access, or electricity on the island. Plus, there is no available hot water for showers, which is difficult to adjust to.

However, there are numerous advantages like plenty of wildlife and if you are a hiker, you have tons of places you can visit since it is rich in Irish cultural heritage. The island is 6km long and the highest point you can reach, An Cró Mór, is 292 meters above sea level. The sunsets and sunrises are unique experience on this island making your stay more relaxing and fulfilling.

Regarding the amount of salary there is no specific information, only that you will have a free room and food for the duration of your employment. There is another disadvantage of this job post and that is that you might experience that “drinking water is a limited commodity”.

Alice Hayes, posted this job offer, and she explains that the situation can be “intense and tough but it’s a very unique position. It’s back to basics — fires, candles, stoves, wildlife, and nature.”

Regardless to the many basic disadvantages many people have applied for the job. The island’s Instagram page stated that thousands of people contacted them for the job offer:

 “We are beyond overwhelmed at the response for the job post for the Great Blasket Island coffee shop and accommodation. The island is just off the coast of Ireland.

 Posting the advert last year, we were concerned we would not find ANYONE willing to leave their job, pack their bags and move to a wind-swept island with no electricity OR hot water in the middle of the Atlantic, off the Dingle peninsula for 6 months of the year! “

In terms of the number of applications the island can be booked for the next 30 years if everyone stayed only for one night. This shows that everyone needs some time off in nature in order to boost its batteries.

If you have not been selected, do not get disappointed there will be another summer when you can accept this job and enjoy the days on this magnificent island, just apply sooner.

For extra info, you can email info@greatblasketisland.net.