A Vegan Bought This 100-Year Old Giant Lobster Just to Set Him Free

Most of us like lobsters, but for the vegans they are forbidden food. So, when a 23-pound lobster was brought to Rodney MacDonald he offered it on sale. But, this lobster did not finish in any stomach as he was bought by Canadian woman who released him in the wild.

This giant lobster is 100 years old and was named as King Louie who continued his life free in the wilderness. He can enjoy all his remaining years thanks to Katie Conklin, a vegan from Nova Scotia. She paid $230 for King Louie to be released and this gesture was documented by Canadian news channel CTV.

This 100-year-old lobster was caught in the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick by Rodney MacDonald. He and his family own the Alma Lobster Shop, and once King Louie was caught there were various suggestions by the American citizens about King Louieā€™s destiny.

Katie Conklin was the unique one who wanted to save his life and thus paid the price for his freedom. Rodney MacDonald accepted this purchase and thanked Kate for such extraordinary gesture and released King Louie in its natural habitat. Kate Conklin was very pleased and hopes that her giant lobster will live a happy life.

This was unusual event for Rodney MacDonald who purchases for his shop about a million pounds of lobster every year. This was a unique experience as he never before released a lobster, especially not one in such big size.

King Louie, enjoy your freedom!