Abandoned Dog with the Word “Free” Written on its Fur in Permanent Marker

Having and taking care of a pet could be the most wonderful thing in life. However, not every pet owner considers its pet as something wonderful and precious. There are cruel people who after satisfying the urge of purchasing a pet they discard it and leave it on the street. It is believed that most of the stray dogs are in fact abandoned by their owners.

Animal cruelty as a result of human negligence that includes depriving an animal of food, water, shelter, socialization or veterinary care to torturing, or in worst case scenario, killing an animal.

A pet owner is responsible for the well-being of its pet and if that is not the case, one should be fined for his misconduct.

But, as we mentioned before, not all pet owners take care of their pets like in the case of the lovely Lab-mix puppy. This poor puppy was found in May last year, in Yoctangee Park Chillicothe, Ohio. This would have been like any other case of abandoned dog, but this puppy had his body all over written with words like: “FREE”, “Good home only”, and “I am a gift from God”. What happened to this little dog appalled so many people.

One of the rescuers was so disgusted by this action that took several photos of the puppy and posted on social media. Brittany May from the Ross County Humane Society wrote underneath these photos the following:

 “I usually try to contain myself with my work life and with what I see every single day, but this just tops it off! How are you going to dump your dog, and write FREE all over it in permanent marker! I just don’t get it! This is a whole new level of LOW!”

The staff of the Ross County Humane Society took good care of this puppy and named it Marvella.They carefully removed every stain of the permanent marker on Marvella’s body.

The good part about this puppy was that it was healthy and there were no signs of heat exposure. This puppy was very lucky to be saved bythe Ross County Humane Society and very soon was adopted by kind people. Linette Wrightsel and her family offered her warm and cozy home.

Sarah Cantrell, office manager and adoption coordinator at the Ross County Humane Society, said that there have been plenty of peopleinterested in adopting Marvella, but the family of Linette Wrightsel family was the chosen one.

The previous owner of Marvella, Kendra Stafford, was fined for animal cruelty, abandonment, and failure to license.

Kendra tried to defend herself by saying that her landlord made her give up the dog, and that she tried to give it away to the nearby shelter, but it was full, so she had no alternative but to leave it in the park. She planned to leave it with a sign, but since she could not find a piece of tape, she used a permanent marker. Now, she regrets what she has done to the puppy saying “it was all good intentions behind it.”

However, her story was checked and the only shelter in the area, Ross County, stated that they have no record of Stafford reaching out to them with the dog.

Marvella was a lucky puppy who experienced happy ending, but not all dogs are so fortunate.

Ross County Humane Society is a nonprofit organization and on every dog is approximately spent about $278, while the adoption fees are in range of $130 to $200.

The Ross County Humane Society referred to the public by writing the following statement:

Please remember that in any shelter on any given day there are dogs who have been given away as ‘free to good home’ and are awaiting their forever home, just like Marvella. Please support your local animal shelters and adopt, don’t shop.”