Abandoned Fishing Village in China Reclaimed by Nature

The human being has done so much against Nature and the damage that has been caused is irreversible. Nowadays, people try to amend the horrible undoing but the path is still long till we restore what we have destroyed.

Mother Nature is so powerful that she even tries to reclaim that what was originally hers. There is an extraordinary example in China where Nature reclaimed the land. Namely, Houtou Wan, in Gouqi Island, was a typical Chinese fishing village with almost 3,000 fishermen, but in the early 1990s, its residents left to live closer to cities.

The village was abandoned by the people and was left to Nature that completely took over it by turning it into an alluring wonderland. All of the buildings in the village arecovered in ivy and worn down by roots, vines, wind, and rain. It has turned out to be a magical place where Nature has shown her rights towards the land.

In the village there are still living some of the residents, but all of them belongto the older generation. They simply did not want to leave their birthplace, yet in terms of other residents, there are none, except for some day-trippers.

This village was overtaken by Nature and very soon it may become an attraction for photographers and tourists thanks to the taken images byNanning-based photographer Tang Yuhong.

The images are so captivating, that for sure you will want to check them out.