According to Scientists Intelligence is Inherited from Mothers, Not Fathers!

This article actually is going to provoke raising eyebrows especially dads because according to recent genetic study there is inherited intelligence from the female X chromosome. This chromosome actually contains thousands of genes, and most of them are related to perception. So far it was believed that parents equally add to their child’s intelligence, but latest research has proved the opposite.

Different studies emphasize that genetics is extremely highly complex and challenging field of research. Even though this topic has caused strong division it is best to approach it from and unbiased perspective. Due to this reason it is important that we present to facts about X and Y chromosome functions.

A chromosome is actually a formation of the nucleic acids and protein. They are storing and transfer generic info. Each one of us has a pair of chromosome in each cell of the body. Women have 2 X chromosomes, whereas male have one X and one Y chromosome.

Genetic features of gender specific genes such as we the humans possess could be activated or deactivated depending on the particular selection. Those that are activated affect the genetic environment whereas the deactivated genes won’t. Due to this reason single feature is activated via the mother and deactivated from the father. Also if single feature is impacted via the mother the maternal genes are deactivated.

The structure of these genes often develop the structure of intelligence research. Females are definitely more likely to affect the cognitive abilities, due to the 2 X chromosomes, whereas males carry only one. On the other hand it is also related to the genetic intelligence that the X chromosomes produce.

Now we are going to talk more about the gender specific genes. Intelligence is believed to be a highly gender specific gene which comes from mother. Different research studies found that this theory is right. They have found that maternal genetic chromosomes develop and improperly large brain and skull in mice.

Also subjects that have been administered mainly in form of paternal genetic material developed larger body and smaller size brain and skull. Scientists made different observations and recognized 6 areas of the brain that consist of maternal or paternal genes.

This theory that mothers have larger influence on child’s intelligence is not a new one. The University of Cambridge conducted back in 1984, examined genomic conditioning and brain development concluded that maternal genes offer more material to the brain. A Scottish study followed 12.686 people aged between 14-22 and monitored their intelligence over few years. They have found that the IQ from the mother’s is the best indicator of high intelligence.

It is also important to say that this theory will definitely not be accepted by everybody. You could definitely take something from this article which is the fact that mothers have significant effect on their child’s cognitive abilities.