According to Study People that Were Wearing Braces Will Suffer from Cancer 20 Years Later

If you have been wearing braces most probably you are questioning the effects these devices might cause over your health. These braces are actually made of metals such as nickel and iron, and could cause serious damage to the overall health.

There is a group of scientists that have been researching the effect over the health caused by wearing braces. This group of scientists conducted their research at the University of Buenos Aires, and have found that there are lethal consequences of wearing these braces. One person that was aged 31 experienced constant and unbearable pain in the mouth which required immediate visit to the dental emergency clinic. At the clinic, dentists have found that he is suffering from peculiar osteosarcoma, or growth of cancer in the jaw.

This finding was stunning for the doctors especially by the fact that it has developed abnormally. They have decided to study this condition and after short period of time they found that the patient has deformation on his teeth. The patient actually experience severe pain on his fixed or loose teeth. During the study they also found that the tumor contained large amount of metals which was caused by dental braces.

Sadly, but the treatment of this patient wasn’t successful, and the cancer spread across his entire mouth. As a result of this case doctors have decided to conduct numerous research studies in regards to the effect of braces over the health of the mouth. They have found that wearing dental braces for long period of time causes serious damage over the health. Due to these reasons they concluded it is important that people consume balanced diet during the wear of races in order to keep the metals in food condition.

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