Against All Odds, Couple with Down Syndrome Celebrates 24-Years Wedding Anniversary

The modern way of living made us skeptical about ever-lasting love being possible. There are so many break-ups, divorces present everywhere around us so when we say love conquers everything it is obsolete and old-fashioned. But, love is the driving force of humanity and couples like Maryanne and Tommy Pilling have restored our faith in eternal love.

What is special about Maryanne and Tommy Pilling?

Both Maryanne and Tommy suffer from Down Syndrome, and nonetheless their disability they chose to get married. Many people believed that their marriage could not last as they consider that people with Down Syndrome cannot take care of themselves.

However, a great number of experts state that there could be many advantages of such a partnership and marriage. This would mean that they would have a close friend and companion with whom they could share a wide range of experiences and social learning. This will offer the needed motivation for emotional and language development, greater activity in social and physical event, and sharing of physical chores.

Maryanne and Tommy Pilling were the first married couple with Down Syndrome in Great Britain. Yet, it was not supported by many people believing that such union could not last, but they proved them wrong.

Here is their lovely story:

Maryanne and Tommy met at a day center in 1991 and dated for 18 months. After this period of time Tommy decided to marry Maryanne. He wanted to be a proper proposal with ring, but since he did not have money he thought that the plastic ring from the vending machine will do the job. Linda Martin, Maryanne’s mom, found out about his intention and helped him with the choice of the ring, so when Tommy proposed her daughter was overwhelmed and “jumped with joy”.

The whole family of Maryanne supported the idea for this marriage and her sister Lindi Newman remembers that she always dreamt of having a big white wedding which eventually came through.

Their wedding took place 20 years ago at the Essex church and it was white and wonderful. After the venue they moved in their own home, but her sitter and close family lived next door. The couple has had all the needed assistance during the years.

Maryanne says that she was shocked when Tommy proposed to her, but very happy that accepted it immediately. They have been married for 24 years now and are very happy. She says that they are still best friends and because of that they never argue. Both of them are grateful for the offered support, especially the one coming from Maryanne’s mother.

This year, they celebrated their 24thanniversary and they made it memorable by re-enacting their first dance from Dirty Dancing.

They received best wishes and compliments from millions of people on social media. Ms. Newman is responsible for them being publicly known via a Facebook page dedicated to the couple. Their Facebook page shows their life with lovely photos and many people follow it inspiring them that there is still true love.

Lindi explains their love as a positive message to the other people as they can be seen holding hands when they are having their walks. They still love each another dearly, respect one another and are completely honest to each other. Their relationship is pure because both of them do not know the existence of bad emotions like hate. She adds that Maryanne and Tommy recommend all couples to be honest, and to spend time together as much as possible.

Their Facebook page is highly visited by many followers, especially during their anniversary date wishing the couple even more years together, happiness, and love. They should consider themselves blessed that they have found each other and enjoy each other’s company.

Lindi believes that Maryanne and Tommy are the new beacon of hope for the families that have to deal with a loved one with Down’s Syndrome. Their children or grandchildren can also experience love and even cherish it more than the other people without this disability.