Alarming Signs You Are Consuming Too Much Sugar

On average, we consume more than 100 grams (20 tsp) of sugar daily, double the recommendations of the World Health Organization which is 50 g or 10 teaspoons. Sugar is the number 1 enemy of weight loss and represents a real health hazard. That’s why all healthcare professionals recommend reducing intake of this product.

Fat has long been singled out for its effects on health, but also for its ability to promote weight gain. It is the same for sugar, its impact on health is just as dangerous. Indeed, excessive sugar consumption relates to a number of diseases, including hypertension, diabetes and obesity.

What are the signs of excessive sugar intake?

– Tiredness
– Headaches
– Weight gain
–  Joint pain

Of course, all sugars are not harmful. On the contrary, sugar is very important for the functioning of our body, since it represents the main source of energy, provided to choose the right and reasonable portion.

We distinguish the natural sugars found in fruits, honey, maple syrup, and refined sugars that are found in almost all processed products. Not always it is labeled as sugar or glucose, names that we all know, but under names which we are unfamiliar, making the task much more difficult for people who want to completely eliminate this ingredient from their diet.

A famous American fitness and nutrition expert JJ Virgin, became interested in this subject and wrote a book about it. She gives practical advice to avoid eating sugar and preserve its overall health in her book, Sugar Impact Diet: Drop 7 hidden sugars to lose up to 10 pounds in just 2 weeks. She detailed all types of sugar we consume with descriptions to clarify the popular beliefs about the natural sugars, which are also not as safe as one thinks, if they are not consumed in moderate quantities.

“Sugar is public enemy number 1 and this is the reason why I chose to focus on it,” says JJ Virgin. According to her, the pure sugar is not the problem in itself but rather one that is hidden in our food and we do not recognize it!

JJ Virgin has created a program to help people remove their sugar cravings and lose weight permanently. The adaptation to this type of plan is always difficult at first, but once we eliminate this constant need for sugar, we become more energetic and focused.

How to eliminate refined sugar from your diet?

70% of sugar is consumed indirectly. The first step to switch to a diet without refined sugar is therefore to comb through all the foods you eat, to find all the hidden sugars you eat unconsciously.

How to proceed? It’s simple, learn to read the ingredients list of everything you buy and eat. You will be surprised how many foods contain high amounts of sugar. Among the products rich in “hidden” industrial sugars, there are various sauces, soups, cereals, ready meals …

So when you go shopping, be sure to choose foods rich in nutrients and fiber, and low in sugars.

Note, however, that to eliminate refined sugars does not mean that you will have free access to natural sugars. These are often high in fructose and can impact on health and weight.

Although fructose, which is usually found in fruits, doesn’t require insulin to be assimilated, that is to say, it does not induce insulin production when ingested it was strongly pointed the weight for its ability to reduce the sensitivity of the liver to insulin, which can lead to type 2 diabetes.