Alaskan Man Wakes Up to Find Lynx Family Playing on His Porch [Photos]

The animal world is really amazing and when we have a glimpse in it we are more than astonished by its simplicity and beauty.

Tim Newton is a resident of Alaska, who experienced something extraordinary and right in front of his house. One morning he was awaken by some strange commotion happening on his porch believing that he has to face with an intruder. So, he closely approached towards the window and when he peeked through it he could not believe what was in front of his door, a family of lynx.

He captured this amazing moment by taking pictures of this wonderful lynx family which immediately became viral thus being invited for an interview for The Dodo.

Newton said:

It was right near dawn. I heard some noises; it was like something scrambling on the deck. Coming out of my slumber, I thought, ‘What the heck is that?’ So I put on my bathrobe and slowly eased back the curtain. And right there, 2 feet away, was a lynx kitten. He was sitting there watching his siblings race by.”

This family stayed on his porch for a while allowing him to take dozens of photos. But, to his greatest amazement, these were not the only lynx kitten; three more were there on his porch. He took his camera and made the photos.

They were running back and forth, pouncing on each other. I started snapping away. I thought, ‘Wow! What incredible luck. This just beats all. This is just wonderful!’”

Newton added:

They were so cute. It was cute-tastic. It was amazing.”

They started to play again. For the next 40 minutes, they all played on my deck. They were chasing each other, rolling and wrestling.”

Observing the lynx kitten running all the time, Newton realized that their mother has a handful of work with them.

He commented the following:

She has her hands full. I’ve concluded that lynx must spend 1 percent of their waking lives chasing rabbits, and 99 percent chasing their kids. What a handful!”

During the photographing, one of the lynx kitten noticed him and approached the window of his house. Here it is how he described this moment:

I don’t know why I did this — maybe to say to him, ‘Oh, what a cute little kitty!’ — but I pulled the camera away from my face a little, and my eyes showed. The look of terror on that kitten’s face! His eyes were wide open, and he just flew away from me! But the others didn’t pick up on it.”

They played for a while on his porch, but then their mother gathered them and headed them back towards the forest.

For Tim, this morning was the most beautiful one for a while. He still remembers the images of the lynx kittens and knows how Nature can be beautiful and overwhelming.

Tim stated:

We’re always thrilled to encounter wildlife. It makes me feel thankful — thankful for where I live. I’m thankful to have seen these lynxes up close.”

You can find more info on Tim’s Facebook page, or his website, or search for: Tim Newton Photography