ALDI is Selling Nerf Guns so You Can Play Fetch with Your Dog

Remember the Nerf guns when you were a kid, the thrill that you felt when you chased your brother or sister, well this toy can be used for something else as well.

That joy that you felt it as a kid can be still felt as an adult and that can be applied for your loving pet. Aldi has come up with an idea to create the so called Nerf Dog that can be used to play fetch with your dog.

This type of Nerf gun could help in throwing a ball to your pet, but without using your hands, you are just shooting one out of a gun instead. This gun comes with three colorful tennis balls so instead of one, your dog can fetch three at a time, making the fun time even more enjoyable for you and your dog. These guns are available online at a price of £10.99, and are quickly sold out as they come very handy to every pet owner.

The advertisement for the Nerf dog comes like this:

“If the family dog enjoys games of fetch, give them a game that’s really exciting with this brilliant Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Launcher. A great interactive toy your dog will adore, simply pull the trigger back and press to blast the ball up to 50 feet in the air. They will love chasing the ball, and your arm won’t get tired from throwing, making it a great addition to your walkies.”

As you probably remember form your youth Nerf guns can be dangerous if not properly used. They are still, if someone carries away with the game, like in the case of a 9 year old boy form

South Wales who had been hit by a pellet from a Nerf gun and because of that his eye must have been removed. In fact, all toys that involve throwing away some object may be dangerous if not carefully used. Namely, a toy arrow blinded the one eye of 3-year-old Taylor-Jay Ravicini when he was struck by a toy arrow. The Nerf projectile damaged the eye so badly that needed to be removed and the doctors fought really hard to save the vision of the other eye as well. Taylor had to stay in the hospital for 6 weeks due to complications because of infections.

Therefore, be very careful when using Nerf guns, especially when you are in the park where are plenty of children who could be hurt by accident as these accidents can cost someone his sight.

Enjoy your toys, but use them with caution!