Amazing Bay Leaf Remedy That Will Help You Dis-Inflame The Prostate, Treat Diabetes, And Even Prevent Cancer!

Unhealthy diet is often the main cause for different health conditions and diseases. Some of the main conditions that you might develop by consuming unhealthy diet is high blood pressure, piling of fat, and problems with the pancreas.

All of these problems lead to reduced production of insulin which leads to development of diabetes.

In order to prevent developing this condition we have natural solution for you that will help you treat these threats. Also this remedy will provide numerous health benefits that will help you improve the overall health.

Bay leaves are amazing ingredients that provide numerous health benefits. In order to treat different conditions you should prepare the following remedy:


  1. Bay leaves – 30gr
  2. Almond oil – 250ml

You should put the leaves in a container and on top of them add the almond oil. Close the container and leave it for one month. You should shake the mixture from time to time.

After one month you should take 1 tablespoon of this remedy on daily basis, or you could apply it topically on your skin. The main health benefits of this remedy are:


In case you have problems with hair loss or dandruff you should definitely use this remedy in order to relieve the symptoms

Controls diabetes

In order to stabilize the levels of glucose in the blood you should prepare infusion with nettle and consume the remedy three times per day

Kidney and urinary conditions

Nettle is amazing for preventing kidney stones, but also it is great for eliminating toxins from the body through the urine.


In case of problems with circulation you should definitely use nettle because it contains chlorophyll

Reduce prostate growth

If you want to reduce and prevent the enlargement of your prostate you should take two capsules of 200ml of nettle root. Consume these capsules on daily basis.

Some of the other health benefits are:

  1. Treats flatulence and bloating
  2. Treats skin infections
  3. Improves depression symptoms
  4. Strengthens muscles
  5. Treats sciatic nerve
  6. Alleviates arthritis
  7. Treats ear infections
  8. Relieves headaches and migraines
  9. Prevents muscle contractions
  10. Eliminates muscle contractures
  11. Prevents liquid retention
  12. Treats fatigue and mental gaps
  13. Improves the levels of energy
  14. Treats premenstrual symptoms