The Amazing Benefits of Baking Soda for Your Garden and Flowers

The number of health benefits of baking soda is numerous, but also it is very useful ingredient to have around the house because it could have many other uses.

We are going to present to you how to use baking soda in your garden and for keeping the flowers healthy.

  1. Fungi

In order to remove fungi from your plants you should mix 4 teaspoons of baking soda and 1 gallon of water. Use this mixture for removing fungi from the plants, and the results will amaze you.

  1. Worms

Baking soda is great for removing worms, and in order to do so you will need to mix equal amounts of baking soda and flour. Pour this mixture in a spray bottle, and spray the plants, cabbage, and broccoli. After you have used this mixture you will be amazed by the results.

  1. Flowers

Flowers such as hydrangea and begonias require alkalized soil. In order to do so you will need to mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda and water, and use this mixture to water the flower. This method will help you grow the flowers faster, as well as blossom faster.

  1. Pots

You should add thin layer of baking soda on the walls of the pots before you put the soil in it. This way you will manage to maintain the plants fresh for longer period of time.

  1. Ants

You can get rid of ants by using baking soda. You will need to add baking soda on the anthill and after ½ an hour add vinegar. You will notice that the ants have died very quickly after you have applied the ingredients.

  1. Snails

Baking soda could also help you get rid of snails. You will need to put baking soda over the snails and they will immediately die. It is important that you don’t put too much baking soda on the leaves in order to prevent damage to them.