AMAZING Easy-to-Follow Diet Plan to Lose 20 Pounds in Just 2 Weeks!

Many people around the world are in constant struggle with excess weight, and unfortunately the results are without success. There are many available diets offering instant results, however the key of losing weight is the food we take in our body.

Here below we will show you an efficient dietary program providing you guaranteed results. The main ingredient of this diet regime is lemon which contains potent fat-burning qualities.

Implement this diet guideline into your regular eating routine and see visible results in just two weeks.

7-Day Diet Plan

1st Day
Use 1 lemon and squeeze its juice, included in a glass of water. Consume this beverage three times a day with your regular meals.

2nd Day
In the second day use two lemons and squeeze the juice out of them mixing it with 2 cups of water. This quantity of beverage divide it into 2 doses, the first one is consumed in the morning before breakfast, and the second one after supper.

3rd Day
Do the same procedure as the first day.

4th Day
Do the same procedure as the second day.

5th Day
On the fifth day consume a glass of lemon water prior to your breakfast. Throughout the whole day eat vegetables. You can also eat bread and chapattis, but no rice. For your supper, eat some tossed salad and fruit. Finish the day with a glass of lemon water before going to sleep.

6th Day
Do the same procedure as the second day.

7th Day
On the last day, repeat the whole plan again.

In order for the fat to be eliminated it will take you 22 weeks.