The Amazing Health Benefits of Epsom Salts You Never Heard Of !

Magnesium sulfate, or otherwise known as Epsom salt, is a combination of magnesium and sulfate. Magnesium and sulfate are natural chemicals which the body highly appreciates them; therefore, they are usually added to the bathing water. Have in mind the fact that topical absorption of these two ingredients is the best way for giving it to the body. In this article we shall present all benefits of Epsom salt health wise and beauty wise.

The History of Epson Salt

It was named after the region Epsom Downs where a farmer who lived in the 1600s noticed that his cows refused to drink the water on the farm because of its bitter taste. However, he also noticed that this bitter taste of the water speeded up the healing process of certain skin conditions such as rashes.
So, this is how Epsom salt was born, and the area where it first appeared is the first Spa town.

Since it dates from a long period of time its benefits were highly acknowledged and appreciated, therefore it became the essential ingredient when it comes to following a holistic healthy lifestyle. Epsom salt is frequently utilized in both health and beauty treatments providing great look and feeling.

Epson Salt Health Advantages:

Magnesium is a vital substance for the body system as it provides many functions which are crucial for the overall well-being. It has important role in the guideline and activity of more than 325 enzymes, some of which are in charge of promoting nerve and muscle function, lowering inflammation, and decreasing the hardening of the arteries. Sulfate, on the other hand increases body’s bioavailability of nutrients and it supports detoxification. When combined together they make a fantastic duo which provides the following health benefits:

  1. Reduces stress and tension
  2. Reduces the risk of diabetes via enhanced insulin management
  3. Improves bone integrity
  4. Helps in body detoxification
  5. It prepares the body for a good night’s sleep
  6. Aids in eliminating joint pain
  7. Prevents hardening of the arteries
  8. Aids in preventing embolism from forming
  9. Relaxes and alleviates sore muscles
  10. Relieves sprain pain
  11. Soothes bruise inflammation

You can acquire all its benefits by taking a bath two to three times a week. Yet, there are still other ways of using Epsom salt.

  • Insect bites and skin inflammation: You need to dissolve 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt into half a glass of warm water. Wait until it cools off and then apply the solution on the affected area.
  • Constipation treatment: All you have to do is to include 1teaspoon of Epsom salt to a glass of water. It will soften any stool.
  • Foot health: If you want to get rid of bad odor and soften hard skin, just include a cup of Epsom salt into a foot tub of warm water, and then soak the feet for a certain period of time.
  • Moderate sunburn: For this issue the same solution is used as for bug bites and skin inflammation.


Epson Salt Beauty Advantages:

  1. Epsom Salt used in an acne treatment
    It successfully fights the acne bacteria which is the main cause for appearing acne thanks to its antimicrobial properties. Due to its exfoliating properties Epsom salt also assists in unclogging the pores.
  2. 2. Epsom Salt promotes skin health
    The human body produces new cells all the time thus removing old cells at a rate of almost a million per day. Statistically, in one year the human being sheds approximately 8 pounds of dead skin on which the dust at our homes live on. Therefore, skin exfoliation is a must. The dead skin cells will be removed so that the new skin cells breathe more easily thereby making the skin healthy and clean.
  3. Epsom Salt utilized as an exfoliator
    Use: Put handfuls of Epsom salt to wet or damp skin and rub it nicely. After that, you can take a shower or enjoy a warm bath with Epsom salt. Likewise, you can include some olive oil to the bath water thereby having a natural skin moisturizer. For best results, you need to include ¼ a cup of Epsom salt in a tub fully filled with water.
  4. Epsom Salt used as a hair care treatment
    It is fantastic for getting rid of contaminants from your hair, cleaning the scalp, and including volume to the hair. Use: Mix equal parts of Epsom salt and conditioner, rub it onto the hair, and leave it to act for 20 minutes before rinsing it off.