Amazon is Now Selling a Garden Dome So You Can Glamp in Your Backyard

Camping is not for everyone, but we all enjoy clear and starry sky, so there is another way of camping and that is “glamping”. This is more sophisticated and glamorous alternative to the regular camping.

The initial idea for this type of camping came from the popular architect and engineer, Buckminster Fuller, who created geodesic domes. They were manufactured by the Retro and part kit-house, and were huge hit in the sixties and seventies of the previous century when the “return to the land” movement was at its peak.

Nowadays, this unique feeling you can have in your backyard thanks to Amazon, selling a geodesic garden home. This home is built of non-corrosive, 100% recyclable PA6 and PVC materials. The garden dome is also suitable for tall people with maximum height of 7′ 2″, and quite comfortable occupying a 107-foot base area.

The interlocking triangles have regained their popularity and become trendy used as fodder for social media sites, and off-the-grid vacation homes.

It can be easily used during winter time as well, because it keeps a uniform temperature inside. This greenhouse maximizes airflow, it is wind and snow resistant, and in winter requires 40% less heat than any average greenhouse due to its geodesic shape that keeps the warmth inside.

So, if you want to have the unique experience during winter this greenhouse will allow that cuddling up inside with your loved one, or by yourself gaining some peace and quiet.

The construction in your garden is very easy and quick at least that is what people report who bought it. According to their reports you will need less than two hours first time you set it up, and the second time it will last less than half an hour.

Do not hesitate to buy a greenhouse like this as everyone liked it, and it is a nice way to spend quality time with your family. Do something for you and spend $1,199, which believe us it will be worthwhile!