Amazon is Selling a Bracelet that Shocks You for Spending Too Much Money or Eating Fast Food

Bad habits can be detrimental for our body and overall health, and although we are very much aware of it somehow it is difficult to stop them.

Social media is not helping us as there are plenty of nice looking pictures which make every food and beverage highly appealing leaving us helpless in our withstanding. Moreover, these pictures and videos are present all the time making us more prone to sweet foods, cocktails, fast food, shopping, and so on.

Well, there is a nice solution for you that will be a great prevention against such cravings, and that is the Pavlok bracelet!

If you want to stop smoking, alcohol overuse, high cookie intake, or you spend too much money then, this bracelet will be your solution.

The engineers at Behavioral Technology in Salt Lake City, Utah, have developed this bracelet that will prevent you with overdoing with bad habits. It resembles the shock collar for disobedient puppy, the Pavlok bracelet will warn you if you overdo with anything by giving you a 350-volt jolt. So, if you have a tendency for junk food, overuse of tobacco, alcohol, Internet, or any other bad habit the shock that you will receive will make these habits correlated to pain thus making you stop immediately. The 350-volt electric shock acts as a gentle reminder, and if you want you can also download an app. You can find it on Amazon for $200.

How does it work?

The shock that you will experience is safe and harmless, and the “zap” of electricity that you will feel coming from your wrist will teach the brain to relate this “unpleasant” feeling with your current bad habit and thus help you to stop it altogether.

According to the manufacturer of this gadget, the urge will subside “within 3-5 days.” The Pavlok (like Pavlov) creators explain that it is based on aversive conditioning, or known as Pavlovian Conditioning, meaning it links the bad habit with a negative stimulus for some time. After a few days in a row, the brain learns to link both stimuli and thus stop liking the habit.

The inventor of Pavlok, Maneesh Sethi, states that a little bit of felt pain can help us break our bad habits. The bracelet delivers enough voltage which is safe that shocks your body making you jump and thus preventing you to follow up with your habit.

The creators of Pavlok compare it with food poisoning, meaning that once you get it, you will stop eating the food or in this case follow the habit. 

Many people have tried the bracelet and confirmed that it is very helpful when intending to stop a bad habit. Many reported that thanks to this bracelet they have stopped the over consumption of unhealthy foods and sugars, alcohol, smoking and even helped them in saving money when wanting to buy unnecessary items.