American Doctor Reveals the Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic: It Kills Any Infection in The Body! RECIPE

The well-known doctor Richard Schultz discovered an amazing recipe that has ability to treat various conditions, and for that reason he named it Super-tonic.

He actually made a tincture which is a perfect form of a natural remedy because in the tincture are the best ingredients extracted from plants. However, you should know that tinctures can be very strong; therefore they must be carefully used. Tincture commonly goes with alcohol, but not many people know that apple cider vinegar is an ideal solvent if you desire to make a tonic tincture.

This Super-tonic is a natural antibiotic which has no side effects as it is 100% non-toxic with different health benefits:

  • Aids in acidity regulation in the body organism,
  • Aids in the digestion tract provided that the apple cider vinegar is organic and unfiltered as it contains symbiotic colony of friendly bacteria and fungi that are amazing probiotics,
  • Boosts the immune system,
  • Malic acid has strong antimicrobial activity proven to reduce cholesterol level and at the same time being helpful with the insulin level of sensitivity,
  • Malic acid is anti-bacterial, antifungal, and antiviral.

Here below is the recipe for this Super- tonic, however Dr.Richard Schultz emphasizes that is necessary to use organic components or to grow your own ingredients so that you get all the positive results.

Active ingredients:

  • 1 head of garlic
  • Onion
  • Ginger root
  • Horseradish root
  • Fresh habanero peppers
  • Unrefined apple cider vinegar


Use a bowl and place the plants in it, then pour the apple cider vinegar filling the bowl until all of the plants are covered with it. Peel and nicely slice the veggies, and then place all of the ingredients in a big glass jar and cover it completely with apple cider vinegar. The poured amount of vinegar must be three fingers over the placed plants and vegetables. After that, cover it with a lid, and then shake it by holding the lid in place, so that all the ingredients are mixed.

Store the tonic to in a dark place to stay for at least 2 – 6 weeks. The longer it sits, the more powerful it will be. But, you need to shake it occasionally.

When the time has passed strain the tincture, and for this procedure you will need loose materials like gauze or some type of wipes, large container and stainless steel strainer that fits the size of the used container. If this is too much equipment for you, then you can put a cloth over the opening jar and strain till the whole liquid comes out, but in this case you will lose a lot of the tonic.

Now, put the strainer in a bowl and cover it with gauze. Pour all of the contents into the strainer. Then press the mix until all of the remaining juices come out.
You can keep the tonic into little jars or in the same big jar previously washed.
However, the best solution would be a dark bottle because it will protect against the light thus minimizing its damage. Store it in a dark, cool place. Do not throw away the remains of the plants and vegetables, they can be frozen or included to soups or other meals.


You can use it daily or whenever you feel you have a need of it like for better digestion, immunity and treatment of different illnesses. Have in mind the fact that the tonic cannot be tasty because it contains strong plants and vegetables. Nonetheless, you can add a little bit of natural honey to neutralize the taste. Drink
a lot of water during the day.

For daily consumption you can use 4-6 tsp of the tonic. Yet, if you want to treat serious infections, you can use up to 5 or 6 doses daily.