This Ancient Remedy Can Cure Diabetes But the Pharmacies Have Spent Millions to Make It Disappear!

Diabetes has become very frequent disease nowadays, and very difficult to treat. There are various natural remedies consisted of plants which are potent anti-diabetic agents used in treating this condition even form ancient times. However, not all ancient remedies were safe for the health; for instance uranium and arsenic were used as a diabetic remedy which gave devastating results for the overall health. Fortunately, in time these dangerous remedies were completely abandoned, and beans were introduced as great remedy for diabetes.

Diabetes is a severe health issue which occurs due to body’s inability to effectively use or produce insulin. The common treatment for this condition is insulin shots which need to be taken each day so that the blood glucose levels are regulated. However, like every medicine these shots have negative side effects like swelling, weight gain, and liver disease.

The shots assist in treating the disease to a certain point, but have not been proven to efficiently treat the illness. Therefore, many medical experts suggest complete change in the individual lifestyle as it has been proven to be an effective solution to cure diabetes.

In order for this disease to be treated naturally, beans and cereal need to be introduced in the diet. They have the ability to reduce insulin resistance in the body – the main reason for type II diabetes.

Established associations like The American Diabetes Association, the Canadian Association of Diabetes and the European Association for the study of Diabetes, suggest the use of beans as the best natural way for regulating blood sugar levels.
Furthermore, an analysis of 41 studies in Canada which included over 1000 patients stated that legumes are the best diabetes solutions which can keep the blood sugar level normal. Yet, some of the legumes’ grain seed called pulses were more efficient than others. For example, chickpeas also gave top results, while black beans and pistos showed much better results than plain beans. White rice triggered blood sugar peak, but when combined with pistos and black beans the spike was lowered very quickly. On the other hand, dark and red beans were not that good as they have low levels of starch.

However, beans are great in the fight against diabetes because they are consisted of compounds which hinder the starch enzymatic digestion, enabling starches to go to the colon and feed the beneficial bacteria in the gut. Namely, the inhibition of the amylase enzyme has the same potential as the diabetes drug Precose. This vegetable is a perfect natural solution against diabetes; moreover, its regular intake can also stabilize the Hemoglobin A1C levels particularly in addition to other drug.