This Ancient Remedy Eliminates Kidney Stones in Only 8 Days!

The kidneys are necessary organs for our body. They help eliminate toxins, waste as well as purify the blood. However, the kidneys are sometimes victims of dysfunction as for example during the formation of kidney stones. This can be very painful. In this article you will discover a natural remedy that will allow you to remedy it.

The kidneys are located on both sides of the spine. Their main function is to eliminate toxins and filter the blood. In addition, they ensure the proper balance of hormones and minerals in the body. When kidney stones appear, the kidneys are much less effective and this leaves room for troublesome and very painful symptoms.

Kidney stones: What are they?

Kidney stones are formed from crystallized minerals such as calcium, uric acid or phosphorous acid. The size of kidney stones can range from a grain of sand to the size of a ping-pong ball. About 10% of the American population is a victim of this disorder. Kidney stones can cause chronic kidney failure. This type of disorder is usually due to excessive consumption of red meat, dairy products or cheese. They can be caused over consumption of salt, a lack of exercise or lack of hydration.

What are the symptoms that indicate the presence of kidney stones and how to remedy them?

The most frequent symptoms will be the appearance of blood in the urine, intense pain in the back, nausea and frequent urination.

To avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon, it will be important to consume calcium-rich foods, to hydrate as regularly as possible, to promote foods rich in magnesium and vitamin B6, and to consume foods rich in calcium oxalate such as chocolate, beetroot or spinach. The consumption of salt must be absolutely limited.

Remedy for kidney stones

You need these ingredients:

1 bunch parsley
4 cups of water
Juice of 1 fresh lemon


You will simply have to start by bringing to a boil 4 cups of water and dip the parsley there. Cook for about 5 minutes; remove it from the fire and cover the saucepan with a lid. Strain the resulting tea, add the lemon juice and you’ll only need to drink 1 teacup before breakfast, lunch, dinner and before you go to sleep.

You can make an 8 day cure to improve your digestion as well as effectively fight against kidney stones.

If you have any known kidney related health problem it is best to consult a doctor before starting any treatment.