Ann Cameron Cured Her Stage-4 Cancer with Only One Ingredient!

Ann Cameron is a well-known children’s book author who has written over 15 children’s books. But, she shared the same destiny as many other people who suffered from colon cancer. Namely, in 2012 she was diagnosed third stage colon cancer, but she did not want to be quiet about it, she shared her struggle with cancer with the rest of the people.

Luckily, she managed to combat this deadly disease in the most natural way, and for that reason she would like to help other people with the same health concern.

She has already experienced the deadly cause of cancer; her husband lost the fight with cancer, and sadly passed away in 2005 from lung cancer, after many months of chemotherapy. So, when she found about her diagnosis, she underwent surgery and the next step was to receive chemotherapy. However, she rejected this type of treatment as it did not go well for her late husband. Therefore, she decided to find some alternative way to fight against this dangerous disease.

After thorough studies on various alternative treatments she came across Ralph Cole natural cancer treatment. He succeeded in curing skin cancer with the consumption of 2, 5 kilograms (5 pounds) of carrot juice daily.

Ann applied the very same treatment, and just after 8 weeks, her medical tests revealed amazing results, her cancer spread has been stopped, and the tumors and lymph glands have started to shrink.

At this point she did not stop the treatment, but carried on consuming carrot juice, and after 4 months, the tumor was still withdrawing. After 8 months, the CT scan showed that there were no traces of cancer anymore.

What is important that this treatment with carrot juice can be carried out together with the other conventional treatments since it is compatible with radiation and chemotherapy. Nevertheless, she chose to try and cure the cancer only by drinking the juice, and avoid the adverse effects of the chemo.

She advises every cancer patient if it is possible for the patient to avoid these standard treatments or to postpone them in the beginning and to solely try the carrot juice treatment, because it may hinder cancer cells proliferation and cure cancer by itself.

The anti-cancer properties of carrots were proven by scientists thanks to the contained antioxidant Falcarinol in them.

According to a carried on study in Denmark and the UK where the subjects were rats and mice with colon cancer, the consumption of carrots lowered the cancer incidence in one-third of the experimental animals.

Likewise, another study on patients with breast cancer who consumed carrot juice showed raised levels of carotenoids (vitamin A precursors) in their blood, which serve as cancer prevention.

Moreover, carrots are packed with many other beneficial nutrients, and because of that their consumption offers outstanding health effects. For that reason, we highly advise you to consume carrots on regular basis, and you can also consult your doctor regarding this carrot juice cancer treatment.