Artist Creates a Mind-Boggling Illusion of a Sphynx Cat on an Old Gas Tank

Art is really amazing making our lives more fulfilling and offering the joy and excitement that we all need from time to time. But, some artists can really amaze us by creating art where it is even unthinkable. For some artists painting on a canvas is not the only solution, they can paint anywhere they like for instance Tom Brigado Blanco, or otherwise recognized as Braga last1.

Blanco is 33-year-old street artist from Marseille, France, who can create art out of anything. He can use any object and turn it into an astounding piece of art. Namely, he painted on old gas tank, and created an astonishing illusion of a huge sphynx cat, amazing, isn’t it?

His incredible art can be confusing and deceiving for your eyesight, but still surprisingly beautiful.

Optical illusions were always the thing for many artists, trying to achieve it as real as possible they can; well, Blanco is the master of that. His sphynx cat was perfectly illustrated on the old gas tank which was not visible at any point after the art was done. The 3D painting of a giant, gray sphynx cat hiding in the grass, and looking at a dog whose owner is trying to keep him away, blended perfectly into the middle of a field.

Artists have always been drawn to play with perspective and it has become their biggest operating force behind any work of art. They are eagerly seeking for new ways and techniques to trick the mind and thus demand full sensory engagement from the viewers.

This young artist has not visited any art classes for this technique; he has been drawing from young age and taught everything he knew by himself.

He was really into street art, but then he started customizing T-shirts, sneakers, and caps. People noticed his nice artworks and asked him to do the same for their businesses, restaurants, hotels, and theaters.

A long time ago he replaced the stencil used in spray-painting by implementing a technique known as aerograph thus creating a three-dimensional object. This technique has been traditionally used in the Victorian era for the decoration of tiles and as well as in the works of Man ray. He learned it in 2011 and thus making it a surrealist method for his own artworks.

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