Ashton Kutcher Quietly Saved 6,000 Children from Human Trafficking

The versatile actor and creator of Busted, Ashton Kutcher can offer so much more to people beside entertainment. He is the favorite actor of many people, but not many people are aware of his other activities in life that are extremely socially beneficial. Namely, this well-known actor is a great supporter and helper to the victims of human sex trafficking. He is helping the most vulnerable, the children.

Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children was founded in 2009 as a DNA foundation in which Demi Moore, Kutcher’s ex-wife, struggled to help children that had been exploited for sex. At that time, both Moore and Kutcher have become aware of the rise of this issue due to social media and believed that there must be something done.

Nowadays, Kutcher runs this non-profit organization and focuses on victims of human sex trafficking. Thorn helped law enforcement to identify about 6,000 child sex trafficking victims, and in 2017 the organization saved 103 children from sexual abuse. In this year, the organization succeeded to shut down 6,608 plans of the perpetrators. Aside the involvement of saving the victims of the sex trafficking, this organization focused on educating 3.5 million teenagers as the best prevention against sex trafficking. Thorn initiated a Stop Sextortion campaign which showed great success.

Kutcher was invited to many interviews where he presented the goal of his organization and the achieved successes. He believes that the fight against the sexual exploitation of children would be higher if there is a developed technology focusing on that particular issue. This method will be of great help to many people who are captured in this horrible world.

In 2017, Kutcher held a 15-minute speech in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about modern-day slavery to. He hoped that this speech will incite the Congress to take bolder steps in the fight against this evil and thus save many children and women.

He also emphasized that our rights are violated on daily basis, and the society needs to take some measures to restore our right for dignified life.

There are people who do not support this actor and his efforts saying that he should mind his own business and go back to acting. However, he is determined to do as much as can to help all sex victims.